Volunteer Your Vacation Time Animals In Need

Volunteer Your Vacation Time Animals In Need

Have you ever wanted to volunteer your vacation time but didn’t know where to begin? Check out my guide on choices to spend your valuable time that will make a huge difference.

It’s no secret I’m an animal lover. My heart’s desire as a young teen and into adulthood was to move to Africa and volunteer my time helping to rehabilitate vervet monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. Because of (failed) back surgery, the trip would not be possible but it hasn’t stopped me from trying to help recruit volunteers. My oldest stepbrother was a missionary in Africa and when he’d mention the animals and how they are slaughtered, I knew I wanted to help in some way or another to help the animals over there. Right now, the only way I can really make a difference is to use my voice to help recruit volunteers and to donate when able. I follow the Vervet Monkey Foundation on YouTube and I’m so inspired everytime they have success in rehabilitating baby vervet monkeys through a very unique foster mother program which gets these babies adopted by foster mother monkeys. I’ve cried a time or two when a baby didn’t make it and hooped and hollered more often than not when they were adopted by loving vervet monkey moms. I feel like I personally know each of these babies. If you have any time at all and you love animals as much as I do, I think you could help make a difference in the life of these monkeys which are considered pests in South Africa which is why there are so many who become orphans. Head on over to The Vervet Forest to volunteer.

Volunteer Your Vacation Time
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Get involved with going out and helping rescue animals at bestfriends.org. “The Best Friends Network is made up of hundreds of shelters, rescue groups and other animal welfare organizations from all across the country that are committed to saving the lives of homeless pets through effective adoption, spay/neuter and intake prevention programs.” I’ve been watching hoarding videos on youtube where all of the animals have to be rescued. It’s laborious work to gather up to 50 animals at times, animals that don’t want to be caught. It takes special people to be able to go out and gather that many and volunteers are needed in so many different places. Not just to help catch them, but to help care for them, to foster them, and to adopt them.

Here are these same cats after some TLC.

You can also donate your vacation time by getting involved with an animal shelter in your area to see if they need help as well. My uncle was a very wealthy man. I’m not going to say how much he was worth but the fact is, his wealth was not what people remember about him. He was a good man. And not flashy by any means. That’s what I think of when I remember him. That and the fact that he spent every second he was free at his local animal shelter, cleaning cages out so the animals would have a clean environment. I mention him because he could have hired help to work there but he did it himself. Volunteer work is rewarding and I’m certain it helped him to live as long as he did. I’ve no doubt he made sure to include the animals in his will. If you have vacation time and you want to make a difference with it, rescuing animals or even helping to care for animals already rescued will be a great way to spend your time. And you probably won’t even have to leave your town to do it.

Volunteer Your Vacation Time Animals In Need


  1. You are awesome. I’d love to go there one day.

  2. When I was in Africa, we went to the Elephant Sanctuary where we donated our time and money to our adopted baby elephants 🙂

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