Starting up your very first business can be daunting for a number of reasons. One of the most common causes of anxiety in this situation is recruiting staff members. If you’re accustomed to working alone or haven’t hired staff members before, then it can be extremely difficult to muster up the courage to display your leadership skills–assuming you have confidence in them.

For many people, the idea of hiring people to work for you is a scary thought. But if you’re looking for a few tips to help you manage your first few staff members, then we’ve got some advice for you on how to inspire their loyalty.

Showing your appreciation to your staff

One of the benefits of having a small business is that you can be a lot closer to your staff members. You know everyone’s name, you know their likes and dislikes, and you communicate with them on a near-daily basis. This allows you to create a much stronger relationship with them and affords you the opportunity to show your deep appreciation.

There are many ways to do this. Whether it’s offering them interesting rewards or even giving them a challenge coin from a reputable company like Challenge Coins Ltd, you can make sentimental gestures to help inspire loyalty and strengthen your bond. As you grow your company and you recruit more staff, this becomes more difficult. However, it’s still an important consideration to keep in mind if you want to ensure company growth and healthy office culture.

You can create challenge coins with the assistance of challenge coin vendors that can customize the look of your coin. With coin designs that incorporate your logo, military insignia, and other unique elements, you have the ability to shower your group and individual members with a unique form of recognition.

Give your staff direction

Your team is incredibly important for keeping your business up and running, but they can’t do much without direction. Part of being a leader is giving your staff direction and guiding them to make the best decisions for your company.

You can achieve this in a number of different ways. A poor leader gives instructions but fails to lead the way and be an example. Successful leaders that inspire confidence and loyalty will always show their staff what they mean during an explanation and even give examples to help give them a sense of direction. In short, make sure you do your best to assist your staff in their tasks, especially if you’ve only recently recruited them. This helps them settle in your business and makes it far more likely that they’ll stay with your company.

Pay them a fair salary or wage

Let’s face it, most people won’t join a small business expecting to stay there forever. It’s difficult to convince people to put in 110% if they don’t feel like they have a future within your business, and this is often the case unless you manage to grow at an incredible rate.

Whether you’re setting up a family business like a restaurant or a small tech startup, it’s vital that you pay your staff a fair salary if you want them to stay. The only thing that will motivate new recruits is a good salary and some benefits, especially if you haven’t established a company message or a solid product with a lot of future promise.