Why Roofing Contractors Replace Shingles With A Tile Roof?

Why Roofing Contractors Replace Shingles With A Tile Roof?

Roofs are available in different materials, and different states prefer different roofs. A roof with good material can make your house interior safe and secure. However, if the roof is made of low-quality material, it can damage the house’s interior.

While choosing a roof, you will see the two most common roofs; shingles and tiles. Although shingle roofs are very common, most people prefer them at the first go. But, tile roofs are also gaining popularity due to being long-lasting.

If you have installed a shingle roof and after some time it starts breaking, it’s time to replace them completely. However, only replacing the breaking shingles can damage the other shingles during the process. That’s why replacing the whole roof with better tiles is a much better option according to All Seasons Roofing Santa Fe.

Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are made of different materials like slate, plastic, and composites. But the most popular and commonly used material for making shingles is asphalt. Asphalt shingles are grey and mostly preferred to give a traditional look to a house.

They are the best choice if you are living in a hotter climate. Asphalt shingle roofs reflect the sunlight and try to make your house cool. Talking about the installation cost of asphalt shingles, they are very cheap compared to other roofs.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are normally made of clay or concrete material. They are red and look very trendy and cool on your roof. You get a very aesthetic look through tile roofs. However, you will need to hire some roofing professionals to install tile roofs because they are heavier in weight.

Tile roofs are mostly preferred in areas with a cooler climate. This is because they have a material that can absorb sunlight and help keep your house interior warm. However, tile roofs are expensive but can last years without getting damaged.

Difference between shingle roof and tile roof

There are some differences between shingle roofs and tile roofs.


The material is the main difference between a shingle and a tile roof. Shingle roofs are made of asphalt, while tile roofs are made of clay. Comparing both, we noticed that tile shingles are more strong and heavier. 

Although, having a strong and heavier material on your roof can put a lot of weight on your roof. But if we see that from another angle, we observe that a strong material will protect your house more. So, tile roofs are more secure roofs than asphalt roofs.

Life Span:

Tile roofs are made of more hard material; that’s why they have a large life span. On the contrary, asphalt shingles are light and have a short life span. As a result, they can last only 10 to 20 years, while tiles can even last 100 years if maintained properly.


For installing a tile roof, you will need to hire professionals from a roofing company. A single person can’t install the whole roof. While installing an asphalt roof, you don’t need any professionals.

Installing an asphalt roof is way easier than installing other roofs. They are very light in weight, and installment is also very easy. You can save a heavy amount in this regard.


The overall cost of installing a tile roof is almost double that of installing a shingle roof. But, the main concern about a roof should not be the cost but the quality and longevity. So, if you choose a shingle roof and think it will cost you less, then that’s not true.

Asphalt shingles have a short life and can easily damage if not maintained properly. While, if you are spending a big amount on tile roofing, you don’t have to think about repairing them after some time.

Which is a better option?

Both tiles and shingles are great options for roofing. Choosing one of them can be a bit difficult option. But, if you are thinking about a long-term investment, then tile roofing should be the priority. When you see that your old shingles are damaged, immediately replace them. 


The roof has great importance in maintaining the safety of your house interior. Whenever you think of replacing your roof, always look for better quality work. Although shingle roofs are also a great option, tile roofs are winning the debate here.

We tried discussing every possible difference between both roofs. Tile roofs are a good option for cold weather due to their ability to absorb heat. They help you save energy by keeping your house warm. We hope you got a whole idea about these roofs and choose the best one.

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