10 Top Secrets to a Youthful Face in Your 50s

10 Top Secrets to a Youthful Face in Your 50s

Do you feel like one of the hardest parts about getting older is seeing time marching across your face every time look in the mirror? If you are in your 50’s, this might be enough to make you wish for your own personal Fountain of Youth. Luckily, there are some tried-and-true solutions out there that can help.

10 Top Secrets to a Youthful Face in Your 50’s

Gravity, pollution, and stress can all wage war against your appearance. So how do you fight back? If you are ready to have a more youthful-looking face, check out these tips here.

1. Invest in a Solid Skin Care Regimen

Did you know that once you hit your 20’s, collagen production starts to decrease at a rate of approximately 1% a year? Since collagen plays a key role in your skin’s elasticity, this often leads to drier skin. Finding a good moisturizer is the first step in establishing a good skincare regimen.

Step Two is protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. If you haven’t been wearing sunscreen every time you go outside, start now to avoid further sun damage. And adding other skincare items like toner, a gentle cleanser, and eye creams are all foundations to build a more youthful appearance.

2. Stop Smoking

Did you know that when you smoke, it decreases collagen production in your body? That’s bad news since it speeds up the production of wrinkles. Quitting smoking is one of the quickest ways to slow down the aging process (and has the added bonus of being good for your health, too).

3. Facelift

Got jowls, a sagging face, or loose skin under your chin? If you want to tighten and smooth the overall look of your face, then a facelift might be a good option for you. Because there are so many different types now (like mini, and mid, and minimally invasive) it’s possible to find the best match for you.

4. Botox

One way to stop time from ravaging your face is to freeze it–literally. Botulinum toxin therapy is legendary for paralyzing facial muscles, which results in a more youthful facial appearance. It works on not only the forehead area but also crow’s feet and other tough spots around the nose and mouth.

Because it gives your facial muscles a break from their usual daily workout, that means you aren’t creating new wrinkles or deepening old ones. However, Botox is not a permanent solution for banishing wrinkles. Shots only last for a few months and require regular visits to maintain.

5. Fillers

Fillers have been around for over a decade now, and are a quick and easy solution for a rejuvenated-looking visage. Ones like Juvederm, Restylane, and Teosyal will help you take years off your face with a (nearly) painless injection and little to no downtime. Bonus: those made of hyaluronic acid can potentially stimulate collagen production.

6. Switch up Your Sleeping Position for a More Youthful Face

You probably have heard the old expression about “getting your beauty rest”. But few people mention that how you get that rest is key. Did you know that you can prevent wrinkles just by picking the right position to sleep in?

If you are a side or stomach sleeper, you could be inadvertently pressing folds, and therefore wrinkles, into your face. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Try to get in the habit of sleeping on your back instead.

7. Eyelash Extensions and Renewal

Hair loss is not just reserved for your head! Have you noticed that you have fewer eyelashes as you get older? Thinning lashes coupled with dark circles can really highlight your age.

One of the most budget-friendly ways to brighten up your eye area is with lash extensions. These range from traditional stick-on options from the drugstore, or ones applied professionally in a salon. And if you are looking for something more permanent, there are now eyelash renewal procedures like Latisse, too.

8. Lip Enhancement

Even if you were born with enviable full lips, time and aging can decrease their volume. Injections can add fullness and can soften vertical lines around the lips. And if you’ve always had flat or uneven lips, adding a filler can improve the symmetry and overall look.

9. Neck lift

One of the most noticeable signs of aging is a sagging neck. The dreaded “turkey neck” with loose skin and/or weak muscles can both make you appear older than you are. If that’s the case, a neck lift is a surgical solution to help create a more lasting youthful appearance.

10. Skip the Stress

Unsurprisingly, stress is a key factor in aging. When it hits, make sure you have tried-and-true solutions to unwind–whether it’s doing some yoga or reading a book. (Just don’t de-stress with excessive amounts of alcohol, which can dehydrate your skin.)

Ready to Have a More Youthful Face?

If you’re in the fifth decade of your life, there’s no shame in wanting to look more youthful. While there isn’t one perfect remedy to turn back the clock, utilizing a combination of these suggestions can still help. Add a healthy diet, exercise, and getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis for maximum results.

Don’t be afraid to seek out the help of a professional dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, too. There’s a wide range of both non-surgical and surgical options offered by skin clinics all across the country.

If you are tired of the signs of aging dragging you down, then try out some of these tips today!

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