13 Sexy Costumes To Try Out This Halloween

13 Sexy Costumes To Try Out This Halloween

Halloween is already in full swing, which means more kids are going out for trick or treat. Meanwhile, for the rest of you, you’re probably contemplating which costumes you should wear for this year’s Halloween. As fun as this sounds, picking a Halloween costume can be overwhelming, especially as there are endless options to choose from. To narrow down your choices, you need to decide first whether you’re going to the scary route or choose the sexy path.

If you choose the latter, then you’ve gone to the right place for some sexy Halloween costume inspirations. Say goodbye to the white lady costumes and skeleton outfits, and be ready to try out some daring and saucy costumes. Below is a list of thirteen sexy costumes you might want to consider for the Halloween season and make you feel like the sexiest (and scariest) person at your Halloween party.  

  • Cruella De Vil Costume 

Almost everyone knows the iconic Ms. Cruella De Vil from the movie, The 101 Dalmatians. For anyone looking to embody a sexy evil villain, consider getting yourself a Cruella De Vil costume. If you can’t find one in the stores, you can always DIY by wearing a black sexy lingerie onesie, paired with thigh-high black boots, net stockings, long red gloves, and of course, the iconic dalmatian cape. For finishing touches, wear a black and white hair wig and better yet, take your Dalmatian dog with you if you have one.

  • Cheerleader Costume 

Another sexy Halloween outfit you might want to consider is the Cheerleader costume. If you’ve never been a member of the cheerleading squad during your high school years and you’ve always wanted to be one, the Halloween season’s the perfect time to sport some sexy cheerleader costumes. Instead of the cheerleading dance shoes, make sure to pair yours with black boots to make the outfit even sexier.

  •  Harley Quinn Costume 

If you’ve seen the movie Suicide Squad or perhaps you’ve read the Batman comic books, then you probably know the character of Harley Quinn. She’s that character who’s known for wearing a skintight outfit in red and blue colors while sporting two pigtails with red and blue hair dye. The character’s costume is already sexy in itself but to make it sexier for your Halloween costume, you can pair it with red and blue boots and, of course, her well-known messy red lipstick.

  • School Girl Costume 

If you’re not a fan of creepy and scary outfits for the party and at the same time, you don’t want to splurge much with your costume, you can sport a school uniform costume. Dressing up with a school uniform is one of the common costumes many people wear during Halloween parties. 

But instead of the typical school uniform, step up your dress-up game by wearing sexy schoolgirl costumes featuring school girl lingerie, short, tight skirts, high-heeled school shoes, and skimpy white tops perfect for big-breasted ladies. To complete the look, you can wear nerdy glasses or style your hair into two pigtails.

  • Wonder Woman Costume 

For anyone in the mood to become a superhero for the night, why not dress up as the sexiest Amazon this Halloween season? This may not be that scary, but you’ll surely scare some people as they see you dressed up as a warrior princess with superpowers. What’s more, this costume might also attract the attention of DC and Marvel fans out there. 

  • Nurse Costume 

One of the typical Halloween outfits that still refuses to go out of style every year is the nurse costume. You can slay being sexy and scary at the same time. Aside from wearing a skintight nurse uniform, you can just quickly splash a few drops of fake blood, and there you go. To add more dose of sexiness, it would be nice to pair this with white or black net stockings and high heels. Don’t forget to wear some dead makeup to finish the dead but sexy nurse look.  

  • Pirate Costume 

A sexy pirate costume may be the best option for Halloween, especially if your partner is going out in a Jack Sparrow costume. Who knows, this sexy pirate costume could help you both win the best couple’s costume during the Halloween party.  

  • Snow White Costume 

Some kids wear a Snow White costume when going out for trick or treat because, after all, Snow White is a famous Disney process. But for an all-adult Halloween party, wearing a sexy Snow White costume could make you the fairest of them all! Pair your skimpy Show white outfit with white net stockings, bright red lipstick, and black high-heeled shoes, and you’re good to go. 

  • Catwoman Costume 

Another classic Halloween costume you surely wouldn’t miss seeing every year is the Catwoman costume. This outfit may appear simple with just a plain black color, but its skintight leather characteristic is enough to make you look sexy and sensual. Even the tail adds a sexy vibe to it. Finish your Catwoman look with black cat ears, a black mask, and a pair of black high-heeled shoes. If you want, you can even bring a whip.  

  • Bunny Costume 

If you’ve seen Mean Girls, then you know what a sexy bunny costume looks like. It’s the one worn by none other than the infamous Regina George! Whether you’re wearing a black, red, or pink bunny outfit, there’s no doubt this costume is still one of the sexiest Halloween costumes out there.

  • Marilyn Monroe Costume 

Are you looking for something sexy, but skintight costumes are not your thing? Worry no more as the Marilyn Monroe costume is here to save you. Marilyn Monroe has been proclaimed as one of the sexiest women alive during the 20th century, and she’s also known for that iconic sexy and flowy white dress. This is so easy to pull off as you only need to get yourself your white dress, wear that vivid red lipstick, and rock a blonde wig. Also, don’t miss out on the mole.  

  • Mad Hatter Costume 

For bookworms looking for a costume out of a book, perhaps you might want to dress up as the sexier version of Mad Hatter. This may not be revealing and daring like the other costumes listed above, but it’s still sexy in its own way. Most people are already dressing up as Alice from Alice in wonderland several times, so try to wear something different this year and sport a sexy mad hatter costume.

  • Witch Costume 

Last but surely not least, the great and classic sexy witch costume! This look is so flexible as you can either go for the skintight outfit or go for the one with a flowy witch skirt. Plus, you can freely personalize this costume by adding a broom, a wand, a mask, or the oversized witch hat.  

Wrap Up 

If you’re looking for an excuse to finally wear something revealing and daring out in public, the Halloween season is the perfect time to do so. So, check out these flirty costumes to help you transform into a sexy and seductive movie character, princess, or witch for one night.

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