Making A Rundown House Liveable In Just 6 Months

Making A Rundown House Liveable In Just 6 Months

Many people like to purchase a house that is ready to move into with minimal or no work. It is certainly the easier option. However, there is something to be said for purchasing a rundown house and turning it into a desirable home. After all, if you are renovating you will get the opportunity to put your stamp on the house.

It is possible to make a rundown house liveable in just 6 months. Here’s how.

Know What You Are Dealing With

A rundown house can simply be unloved and relatively intact. Or it can be condemned due to water damage, subsidence, and a number of other safety issues. You need to know what you are taking on. That means having comprehensive surveys done of the wiring, plumbing, roof, and the rest of the structure. It’s a good idea to have dye penetrant testing completed to identify any potential structural and stability issues. 

Establish A realistic Budget

The next stage is to establish a realistic budget. You know what the house will cost to by, now you need to look at all the jobs that will need to be done and work out how much each job will cost. Bear in mind that the cheapest way to do this is to do the work yourself. The budget will need to be much bigger if you are hiring professionals.

Once you have a budget plus a cushion you’ll know how much money you need and be able to sort finance. That effectively gets you in the door. 

Security First

The first thing you need to do is secure all the windows and doors. If you are keeping the originals then make sure they are sturdy enough to provide the security your home needs. If not, replace them all.

At the same time you should get any repairs done to the roof, this effectively gives you a sealed box that protects future work from the elements. 

Plumbing & Wiring 

It’s unlikely that your rundown home will have adequate plumbing or electrical fittings. In short, you’ll need to rip them all out and redo them. This may mean going without water and heat for a period. You can join a local gym to use their showers and start running wires and new plumbing through the walls. 

If possible, don’t damage the walls, assuming they are in good condition. Instead, snake the wires through or run them in trunking and exposed plumbing outside the walls.  

Repairing Floors

Your next step is to check the floors and replace or repair them as necessary. This should be the last of the major jobs as you’ll then be onto traditional decorating and fitting kitchens/bathrooms. Try to utilize the original finish wherever possible. 


To finish you’ll want to add paint to the walls and ceilings. If they are damaged then you’ll have to replace the drywall and you may want the help of a professional to get a good finish. 

Remember, the key to making it liveable in six months or less is having a plan, ensuring you have sufficient funds, and putting in some hard graft.

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