3 Things You Can Do For ‘You’ After Having a Baby

3 Things You Can Do For 'You' After Having a Baby

There’s no doubt that having a baby is one of the most incredible times in your life, and after a long pregnancy there’s nothing better than finally having your baby home and starting on this next chapter of your life. But whether this is you first baby or you’re an old hand at motherhood, chances are you’ll still find the postpartum period difficult in some ways or another. It’s all just a complete change, and it’s a period where many women can be vulnerable to the effects of postpartum depression, anxiety and other issues. While it’s really important to speak to your doctor or midwife if you’re worried, there are definitely a few things you can do that are just for yourself during this time that can make things easier. It might not come naturally when you’re instinctually so primed to make this period all about your baby- but remember that you matter too! Here are a few ideas of nice treats and things that might help once your little one is born. 

Pamper Yourself

Postpartum might not be the time in your life where you feel that you look your absolute best- chances are you’re sleep deprived and simply dont have the time each day to do self care in the way you usually would. But getting yourself some pampering treatments can make all the difference. Maybe you could have an afternoon at the spa while baby bonds with their dad or grandparents, giving you a few hours to relax? Some luxury skin treatments or a massage can be so relaxing and really boost your mood. Maybe you want to make some changes to your appearance so that you boost your self esteem? A trip to the hairdresser, a wax appointment, brows or lashes could all be what you need. That way you might need to spend less time on your appearance each morning and still be happy with the way that you look. Some women wont care at all how they look postpartum but if you do, don’t be ashamed of that! Anything that keeps your mood up is important. 

Go For Some Nice Food

You probably dont have the time or energy to cook in the early postpartum days. If you were organised, you might have prepared some meals to freeze late in your pregnancy, and if you have a good support network around you then friends and family might be bringing you food. But why not treat yourself to something really delicious, maybe all of the things you were craving in pregnancy but werent allowed? Perhaps its a charcuterie board full of meats and cheeses that were off limits in pregnancy, sushi or an alcoholic beverage? If you have a good support network you might be able to go on a child free date with your partner for a few hours. Otherwise, place an order for delivery and get exactly what you want!

Buy Yourself Something You Want

You’ll most likely have spent the last nine months buying things for your baby, getting ready for their arrival. Prams, cots, baby clothes, all of the accessories they need. But aside from a few essential maternity items, when was the last time you bought for yourself? It can take a while to return to what’s normal for you in terms of body shape after a baby, so you might not want to buy clothes. But how about comfy pyjamas, new makeup or skincare or something you’ve had your eye on for a while like a designer handbag? Use this as a time to congratulate yourself- you’ve been through a lot and you deserve it

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