3 Tips on Hosting an Awesome DIY Graduation Party

3 Tips on Hosting an Awesome DIY Graduation Party

So, your child just graduated. They’re ready to go out into the world and face it head-on. They’ll be leaving the roost to carve a path toward their goals, getting a real job and real adult responsibilities like bills and taxes.

Most of all, they won’t have tuition that you have to pay anymore! Of course, you need to celebrate.

However, you may not have enough money for a lavish feast. Don’t worry though. You can still host a graduation party on a budget. You can still surprise your child with an awesome celebration without having to bankrupt yourself with debts!

Follow these tips on how you can host a great DIY party for your graduate.

Set a Budget

Of course, you can’t plan for a party without first knowing your budget.

Budgeting isn’t just limited to money. You also have to take into consideration the number of people that you’re expecting as well as the materials needed for the graduation party games. (It’s not a party without people or games after all.)

Thus, set a target amount then find out what you can spend from that figure. Then look for cheaper alternatives to your choices.

For example, consider doing the event at home so you’ll have more money for better entertainment, food, and drinks and for a bigger party.

Invite the Right People

As mentioned, it’s not a party without people, so invite as many of your child’s friends as your wallet allows. Focus on their inner circle, and only consider the rest if there’s still extra room for them.

The celebrant, your child, should be surrounded by those who care for them most, meaning you, the relatives that had a major influence in their education, and the friends who’ve been with them through their ups and downs.

Besides, it may be the last time they’ll see some of their closest friends since each of them will be following their own diverging directions in life.

Send invitations to the chosen ones. If you think it’s more charming and special to do it old school, then get a few pocket fold invites for those whose attendance is important.

Have Games

You’re hosting an awesome party remember? That means you need fun! Fun isn’t limited to the bottom of a bottle, mind you. You can have wholesome fun too. Specifically, you can have fun playing games!

Typical party games, such as Musical Chairs and Trip to Jerusalem, can still be fun for adults, and you can add a few twists to them, like a pie to the face if one loses out.

You can also opt for board games. There’s a rediscovered interest in them in recent years, and new ones are being made. Some of the fun ones for grown-up parties include Codenames and Cards Against Humanity.

Alternatively, you can mix up any type of games, whether they’re board games, traditional ones, or even video games. As long as there’s physical activity involved, there’s bound to be a load of fun to be had.


Ah, they do grow up so fast, do they? Well, wipe those tears off your eyes, proud parent. Your child may have grown up, but they’re still your little baby. No matter where life takes them, their hearts will always remain with you.

So chin up, proud parent. After your child’s graduation party, witness your young graduate stride out into the world.

3 Tips on Hosting an Awesome DIY Graduation Party


  1. Setting a budget is number one! Keeps it a celebration and not a stressful burden

  2. These are great tips! I love the games idea & setting a budget is important for sure!

  3. My sister will be graduating next year so I am really excited for her. Also, I went to 2 graduations this past May and they were both done very well and budget friendly, in my opinion. I think there are always things we can cut back on to help costs!

  4. I think having games is a good idea since it’s a great way to get everyone interacting with each other and having fun.

  5. I hadn’t thought of having games at a graduation party but it’s an idea

  6. Thanks for these great tips. My son will be graduating next year.

  7. this looks like some great tips!

  8. No school age kids here but these are great tips!

  9. When my granddaughter graduated from high school we celebrated with an outdoor party

  10. My daughter just graduated High school. We just had a family Cook Out.

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