Nine Chic-Rustic Burlap Wedding Ideas

Nine Chic-Rustic Burlap Wedding Ideas

Weddings are momentous and memorable occasions, and what better way to embellish and recollect that special day than with a theme that spells chic?

Burlap fabric certainly isn’t as popular as white or gold, but it’s got something to it that’s quaint and attractive that you’d be surprised you didn’t think to add it to the list of ideas in the first place. This article gives a few burlap-themed wedding ideas to serve your curious plate.


A wonderful burlap-themed wedding is not complete with a marquee and bunting burlap fabric pieces. It would be ideal to place the burlap under the ceiling to hang and the areas around the altar when it’s time to say “I do.” Try mix-matching the burlap with lace, and see how you like it.

Invitation Cards

The theme begins when the invitations are made, sent, and read. This is a fun way to introduce to your guests the theme woven with love: burlap. A pretty burlap-clothed invitation is attractive to read, and it will give your invitees an idea of what to expect.


Buntings are a festive accessory for any occasion. When the wedding guests enter the venue, buntings made of burlap will look homey and rustic like the home you grew up in.


The more decorations, the more pleasant the atmosphere, and what about burlap lanterns to add to the warmth and cheer? They’re fun and easy to make, and you can always ask for a little help from the wedding planner. These lanterns would look great hanging in trees, near the dining area, or by the entryway.

Flower Bouquets and Flower-Jar Flap

Why not complement that table-runner roll with lovely designs of bouquets and flower-jar flaps? The table will speak of love, and why not take it to the chairs to decorate the sides as well?

Utensil Pouch

Fork, spoon, and knife will pair well with a burlap fabric to wrap around it. It’s good as a decorative piece and just as useful as a wipe.

Table-Runner Roll

What’s a table if it doesn’t have a burlap-themed set? A burlap table-runner roll doesn’t just blend well with the kitchenware; it holds your hands snugly and doesn’t look too glossy, as compared to those made from other materials or with other designs. It fits right at home.

Wedding Cake

A wedding would be incomplete without a cake. In the same way, a burlap wedding without burlap decor around the cake would be silly. Pair that with some cute candles with burlap flap too, why not?

Thank-You Bags

Lastly, what would a victorious wedding, inspired guests, and a couple in love be without a warm thank-you gift from the newlyweds? Burlap-inspired thank-you bags are a beautiful way of showing gratitude to your friends and family who came to share this lovable moment with you.

Get Creative!

The wedding marks the beginning of a fruitful communion between you and the one you’re about to marry. More than that, it’s also a delightful occasion to see the proud and happy faces of friends and family you’ve known forever to spend this very special day with you.

Burlap is chic and rustic but never an uninspiring or outdated choice to decorate the time to open an exciting new page in a love story. It sprinkles a traditional and lovable appeal that is also less costly. Enjoy creating this joyous event!

Nine Chic-Rustic Burlap Wedding Ideas


  1. Really unique idea

  2. I love the wedding cake & lantern idea! I’ve always loved using burlap in my crafts & diy projects!

  3. These are all such great ideas. I really love the lantern idea.. I think this would make such a pretty addition to any wedding! Pinning these!

  4. I never would have thought of burlap for a wedding material but I like the idea, especially since I prefer natural fabrics. It would make awesome thank you bags.

  5. Would never have thought of using burlap on a cake but would be good for a barn wedding cake

  6. I love anything burlap! And that cake is really lovely.

  7. i love the burlap idea! so cute!

  8. That cake is just so pretty. What a creative idea!

  9. Awesome cake!

  10. That’s a beautiful cake. I would have never thought to do that with Burlap. My dad always said that Burlap worked awesome as a back scratcher. lol

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