Gardening is a pastime that allows us to switch off, be at one with nature and immerse ourselves in what we are doing. It is not often thought of as a social hobby, and yet it really can be. This is why today we are sharing with you 3 ways to make friends through gardening. 

Look after the wildlife

Your yard can be peaceful and yet still be a hive of activity, brimming with wildlife, all potential new friends. 

There is something so relaxing and satisfying about sitting out in your yard and seeing the butterflies fluttering around, listening to the bees buzzing and watching the birds making their nests.

There are lots of simple ways that you can turn your garden into a wildlife haven. You can plant shrubs that are wildlife friendly or create a wildflower patch to attract insects. A pond is always a great addition as birds can come to drink at it and other animals can live in it. Hedgerows and trees, instead of fences and artificial shade can all make good homes for animals, birds and insects and offer them food. You could add a bug hotel somewhere, with leftover pots, bricks, stones, canes and sticks, a fun addition to any yard and something enjoyable to make with children.

3 Ways To Make Friends Through Gardening
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Make friends with the neighbors

When you are out in your yard, it helps if you have made friends with your neighbors. You will hear one another pottering about out there and, in some cases, see them too. Neighbors can also be a handy resource where your gardening is concerned. 

The chances are high that you will have similar soil to your neighbors and your backyard is probably going to be facing in the same direction. They are likely to be gardening under very similar conditions to you, so it makes sense to pool your knowledge. It can also save you both time and money if you share plant cuttings and seeds with each other. 

Neighbors also know about all things local to you, which can come in handy when you are gardening. You might need to know where is the biggest nursery nearby?’ or ‘when is the next gardening show on?’ Chat to your neighbors and get all of the lowdown. 

Join a club

It is great to connect with likeminded people, so it is worth looking to join a gardening club, either one that is local to you or online. 

A gardening club will allow you to indulge in your passion for gardening and chat all things plants, shrubs, flowers and wildlife with others who share the same interest. It is a fun way to connect and learn new things, taking on board other people’s experiences and top tips. 

Online communities allow you to share photographs of your yard, ask questions of one another and get opinions on your garden design and landscaping plans. 

If you pop along to a local club or society, there are often expert talks running along with the chance to buy plants and cuttings, or swap with one another.