4 Common Health Issues You Should Keep In Mind As A Parent

4 Common Health Issues You Should Keep In Mind As A Parent

It’s common to worry as a parent. There are lots of things that can play on your mind. For instance, you might be worried about your finances or you could panic about whether your home is clean enough. Arguably, one of the biggest worries for parents is going to be issues with their children’s health. This is something that can keep a lot of parents up at night, particularly if there are signs that things aren’t quite right. The good news is that most health problems have simple causes and treatment options. So, let’s dive into some of the possibilities and put your mind to rest. 

Chronic Pain 

First, you should consider the issue of chronic pain. Chronic pain is a health issue that impacts millions of people across the world. It can be minor or severe and occur in virtually any area of the body from the back to the legs. It is possible for children to develop issues with chronic pain although it is far more common in adults. If you are worried that your child is experiencing chronic pain, make sure that you do think about whether they have had any recent injuries. Usually, this will be the culprit particularly if they are quite active and adventurous. You should check their bodies for any bruises or bumps that you might have missed. If you don’t notice any signs of this, then you should think about speaking to a doctor. They will be able to identify a problem with chronic pain and offer the right type of treatment. 

Do be aware that the majority of causes related to chronic pain may not be curable but they can be managed. There are lots of different treatment options available that can be effective. You might also want to think about exploring alternative medicines. Research shows that herbal medicines can be just as effective when treating chronic pain as traditional forms of medication but don’t come with any of the typical nasty side effects. You might also want to think about therapeutic options include chiropractic medicine for a more holistic approach.  


Allergies are common in kids whether it’s due to hay fever or related to an animal that you have in your home. As such, you don’t have to worry too much about your child experiencing allergies. However, you should work to make sure that you are reducing the severity of their symptoms. The best way to do this is by correcting your home environment. For instance, you might want to clean your home more regularly to get rid of any dust and debris that could enter your child’s lungs. If they do have issues with hay fever, then you might also want to be careful of the types of flowers that you display around your home. It is possible that this will make their symptoms far worse. 

As well as keeping your home clean, you might also want to think about your air con system. Your air con system is a crucial element of guaranteeing the right standard of air quality in your home. If it’s not working properly or needs maintenance, this will cause issues. That’s why you should aim to get your systems checked and maintained about once a year or potentially even bi-annually. 

Do be aware that the symptoms of hay fever can be similar to the symptoms of asthma if a child has not been diagnosed. That’s why you might want to think about speaking to an asthma and allergy specialist. This should be the step that you take if your child is displaying severe or significant symptoms.

Diet Trouble 

Alternatively, you might be worried about your child’s diet. If that’s the case, then you should think about ensuring that they are getting their full five a day and at least one wholesome meal packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Child obesity is still a major concern today and it’s important to make sure that you are doing what you can as a parent to avoid issues here. 

If you are worried that your child is struggling with their weight, then you should think about controlling their diet a little more. However, don’t be too restrictive as this can send the wrong message. You should still allow treats while avoiding the issue of yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting occurs when you bounce between healthy and unhealthy options. 

Even just cutting out the Junk food or limiting takeaways to once a month could do wonders for your child’s diet as well as their health in general.


Finally, you need to make sure that you are thinking about headaches. It’s common for kids to complain about headaches and there can be a variety of reasons why your child might have a sorehead. This can be as simple as a diet issue. If your child is not getting enough water through the day or they aren’t getting the food they need to fuel their body, then it could result in some nasty headaches when they try to concentrate. 

Of course, chronic headaches that are constantly cropping up are a tad more concerning. But again, this is usually due to something like your kid needing glasses. This will usually be the case if your child is suffering from headaches at school. 

Your child could also be experiencing tension headaches. If you think this might be the answer, ask your child what their headache feels like. Tension headaches feel like an elastic band being squeezed over your head with a tightened grip. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the common health issues that can impact your child and why you don’t need to worry about them too much. Remember, the general rule here is two weeks. If symptoms don’t subside in about two weeks, then a health issue might be a cause for concern. But even then it’s most likely nothing. Children, for the most part, can bounce back from virtually anything. So don’t panic without speaking to a doctor, even if your child is displaying some worrying symptoms. 

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