What You May Not Know About an Independent Medical Evaluation

What You May Not Know About an Independent Medical Evaluation

An independent medical evaluation is required during a personal injury claim or a worker’s compensation to get an unbiased health assessment. Steel City Spine Orthopedic Center offers certified independent medical evaluations in McKee Rocks, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, PA. If you need an independent medical evaluation in Pittsburgh, PA, reach out to book an appointment with Dr. Jocelyn Idema to get a comprehensive and unbiased report.

Independent Medical Evaluation

An independent medical examination/ independent medical evaluation (IME) refers to the second opinion about your health. Your independent medical examiner assesses your injuries’ extent to determine the treatment options you need for optimal functioning.

Organizations and individuals that may request you to have an Independent Medical Evaluation include your employer, insurance providers, and legal representatives.

You may need to schedule an IME appointment to determine your qualifications for disability benefits and worker’s compensation after an illness or injury.

Who Can I Visit for an Independent Medical Evaluation?

It’s best to visit a board-certified independent medical examiner with special and extensive expertise in patient assessment. At Steel City Spine Orthopedic Center, you will meet professional examiners like Dr. Idema, playing the role of your independent medical examiner.

Dr. Idema applies extensive medicine and surgical expertise to prepare an unbiased report about your injury or illness. Her report could help you work out differences between you and relevant parties, by finding the truth of both sides’ claims. Your evaluation may also warn about your estimated recovery time and possible side effects of the underlying condition.

What Should I Expect During an Independent Medical Evaluation?

 Dr. Idema conducts a conclusive physical examination, reviews your medical history, and examines your physical and mental abilities while carrying out various tasks.

You may need to undergo advanced diagnostic procedures like CT scans, X-rays, or avail urine and blood samples for further tests.

Dr. Idema uses the data collected for further evaluation of your symptoms and underlying causes. For effective recovery, abide by her after-care instructions to discover various activities that you should participate in, or desist from, when at work or home.

After an Independent Medical Evaluation

Upon completing your independent medical evaluation, Dr. Idema takes the liberty of preparing report findings that you may comprehend. Her IME report contains data about the reason for your illness, injury, current health, and highly effective treatment plans at your disposal.

Your report also includes factors that deserve special consideration, such as how your lifestyle may affect your general health and well-being.

Dr. Idema addresses all questions and concerns for your worker’s compensation board, employer, and insurance provider as they may be asking about your general health and well-being. She prepares an unbiased, evidence-based report and her expert opinion about your claim’s validity.

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Bottom Line

Steel City Spine Orthopedic Center offers certified, independent medical evaluations, required by your legal team, employer, or worker’s compensation board. Call the practice or follow prompts by an online assistant, Natalie, to book an appointment today.

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