4 Major Women’s Health Issues that Shouldn’t Be Ignored

4 Major Women's Health Issues that Shouldn't Be Ignored

Womens’ health has been the biggest medical aspect that, unintentionally, has been overlooked by women themselves for a very long time now. With the sort of awareness that doctors and the medical care units are constantly trying to create globally, ladies have started taking their health more seriously nowadays. 

In this guide, we have made a mention of 4 health conditions that are more serious than you probably think and also the reasons why you should visit only an experienced women’s health specialist in Oak Lawn, IL

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1. Blood in Urine

4 Major Women's Health Issues that Shouldn't Be Ignored

Peeing blood isn’t normal. No matter the amount of blood is so less than it’s visible only on wipe tissues or so heavy that the urine looks pinkish, brownish, or reddish, you require the guidance of urogynecologists at medical centers such as the Chicago Center for Women’s Health

Blood that you might be seeing could be an indication of serious health issues such as kidney cancer, kidney or bladder stones, bleeding in the uterus, and so on. 

Seeking the help of inexperienced doctors can waste precious time that’s sometimes going to be the difference between life and death. Hence, never compromise with the notion that the doctor you visit should be experienced. 

2. Pelvic Pain

4 Major Women's Health Issues that Shouldn't Be Ignored

Pelvic pain shouldn’t be waived off as minor discomfort. It could mean something as serious as a tumor in the uterus, ovaries, vagina, vulva, fallopian tubes, and Cervix. Other medical conditions that might be causing pelvic pain could include cysts, infection, stones, and hemorrhoids. 

The exact cause can be determined by a series of tests that include CAT scan and MRI, ultrasound, blood tests, and urine tests. 

Only an experienced urogynecologist can suggest the right test and offer the right treatment that could range from hormone therapy to physical therapy and a course of antibiotics. 

3. Irregular Bleeding

4 Major Women's Health Issues that Shouldn't Be Ignored

Irregular bleeding (also known as menorrhagia) has always been taken lightly by women of all ages. Indeed, sometimes irregular bleeding isn’t serious. However, at times, irregular bleeding could indicate pregnancy, menopause, tumors, fibroids, and polyps. 

Expert urogynecologists at Chicago Center for Women’s Health suggest that a delay can sometimes be extremely fatal. 

A doctor first determines the exact cause of menorrhagia. Once the cause is determined, there are three possible treatments:

    1. Hormone therapy. 
    2. Burning the inner lining of the uterus using a laser. 
    3. Surgery in case the reason is a tumor. 

4. Prolapse

4 Major Women's Health Issues that Shouldn't Be Ignored

Doctor Denise Furlong, MD at the Chicago Center for Women’s health describes Prolapse as the shifting of pelvic organs from their normal position. When the ligaments around the pelvic organs become weak due to any reason, the organs slightly drop down from their usual position. 

It might sound like an uncommon problem, but the truth is Prolapse is a lot more common than you expect it to be. The reason that people think it’s uncommon is that nobody knows how to identify the symptoms. The symptoms that you should watch out for are as follows:

  1. A bulge in the vagina.
  2. Extensive pain while having intercourse. 
  3. Inconsistent or frequent urination. 
  4. Recurrent UTI. 
  5. Back pain and pelvic pressure that you can’t explain. 

Having said that, Prolapse is of 5 different types. Hence, the correct treatment (which mostly is surgery) can be determined only after a careful examination. 

All in all, the next time you observe anything painful or unusual around your genitals, stomach, pelvic area, or back, do not assume, speculate, or wait for the symptoms to go away on their own. It could be something serious. Hence, visit a urogynecologist since it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

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