4 Ways to Be More Independent

Growing up and gaining independence is something most young people dream of, but it can also be a little daunting to make it on your own for the first time. 

Becoming more independent takes time and personal growth, and won’t simply happen overnight. If you’ve been dependent on your parents or a partner for a long time, and now either need or want to become your own person, there are a few important steps you can take to get there.

Here are some ways to gain independence, take care of yourself, and become your own person.

Own Your Own Car

4 Ways to Be More Independent

If you’re still living with someone but want a little extra freedom, a good first step is to get your own car. To be truly independent, the best way to do this is to save up and buy the car yourself. With your own wheels, you’ll be able to decide your own schedule, make your own plans and depend on nobody but yourself to get there. 

You’ll want your first vehicle to be safe. For a reliable and safe car, look out for reputable Ford dealers in Dallas, TX, and have an open conversation with a salesperson. 

Move Out On Your Own

4 Ways to Be More Independent

To truly be independent, living on your own is an important step to take. Living alone will teach you how to manage your finances properly, take care of yourself, learn to cook, and make many other personal decisions, big and small. 

Moving is a big decision, and you should think about the decision to move carefully before making any commitments. Consider whether or not you can afford to live alone, and if not, how can you make some extra money to get there? Paying your own way is a huge part of being independent! 

Spend Time Alone

4 Ways to Be More Independent

Being by yourself may not sound like a lot of fun, but for someone who is very dependent on others, learning to be alone is important. Sleeping alone, doing your chores and errands by yourself, and even spending mealtimes in silence is important for self-growth. 

You can also schedule a solo date every week or so, and practice spending (and enjoying) time on your own intentionally, instead of just because you have no one to hang out with. Independent people are happy to spend time with others as well as by themselves. 

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

4 Ways to Be More Independent

All of us have a comfort zone in various areas of life – career-wise, socially, and in terms of spontaneity and adventure. Learn about your comfort zone and think of ways to challenge yourself to get out of it.

Being brave and doing things you’d normally be afraid to do can improve your self-confidence and trust in yourself, which are important qualities of an independent adult. You might head out alone to meet new people, or instead, challenge yourself to spend a weekend away from other’s company instead – whichever sounds more difficult to you is probably the one you should be trying out. 

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