6 Treats to Get Us Through to Christmas

6 Treats to Get Us Through to Christmas

It’s fair to say we all deserve many treats for basically every month of the year this year, but now that many shops are open safely and the post and delivery services have got a handle on this new-found “warehouse to front door” demand, it is much easier to do some very well-deserved retail therapy.

You might already have specific ideas in mind to cheer yourself up, but just in case you need some inspiration, here are some excellent suggestions for treats that can get us all through to Christmas.  

A New Pair of Fluffy Slippers 

6 Treats to Get Us Through to Christmas


Nothing quite says the weather is turning in the way that slippers do. It is time to get cozy, break out the hot chocolate, and change into your “comfies” a lot earlier than you might do in the summertime. Slippers are not only extremely homely, but they can keep you warm, protecting you from cold floors without having to wear your usual shoes. They also come in many styles in the lead up to Christmas, so you can even get some with your favorite TV characters or funny slogans on them. 

Body Scrub and Body Butter 

Skin issues are very common when the weather gets colder. The drop in temperature dries out your skin and can cause rough patches—making your appearance much duller than normal. Paired with central heating and those secret heaters we put on underneath our desks, you have a whole cocktail of skin-drying factors.  

Treat yourself to a new body scrub and body butter to keep your skin feeling smooth and supple. There are some gorgeous scents out around winter time, such as gingerbread or winterberry—so take full advantage of these seasonal products. 

Make sure to also stay hydrated, so you can glow from the inside out!

 A New Long Sleeve T-shirt 

It’s time to put your short sleeves away for a top that’s a little warmer, and treating yourself to some stylish long sleeve t-shirts is the perfect addition to your closet. An elegant white tee can easily take you from day to night, and yuniont.com offers some great quality options. 


6 Treats to Get Us Through to Christmas

If there is ever a time to comfort eat, then fall to winter is the season. With so many new flavors and spices coming out and being infused in recipes, baking a meal that is different to usual can be a great treat. There is something special about the varying seasonal tastes of baked goods, and with the darker evenings, it is the perfect time to experiment. If you’re short on ingredients or want to add festive touches, you can get them delivered straight to your door. 

 A Festive Manicure 

A good manicure can bring anyone out of a slump, give us a boost of well-deserved confidence and get us feeling ready for the (COVID-responsible) party season that is coming. If you cannot get to a nail salon, or prefer a look that is a little less permanent, there are some gorgeous styles available to buy, which can be done right in the comfort of your own home, or you can even get creative yourself 

A Wearable Blanket 

There is probably no need for a convincing argument on why everyone needs a wearable blanket, but here is one anyway. A wearable blanket is the ultimate winter treat in the build-up to Christmas. Not only will it save on electricity bills, but you will feel like you never actually left your bed in the morning—which is, in fact, the dream. 

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