4 Ways To Make Your Walls A Lot More Interesting

4 Ways To Make Your Walls A Lot More Interesting

4 Ways To Make Your Walls A Lot More Interesting

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Sometimes we need to make a new look to our existing home, or we move into a new place that is not so new. Creating a new and interesting look can be both time-consuming and expensive though, and there is never a convenient time to spend a whole load of cash on a big renovation project. Sometimes you just need a few quick fixes to help you along on your way. 

Here are some top ways to create a completely new look and feel for your walls and for your interiors without having to spend the earth.

Use Wall Panelling

One way of creating a totally new look for your home is to use wall panelling such as the pieces found here at:https://www.nichiha.com/products/awp-series. Wall panels have obviously been around for many years, and they may have a bit of an association with the sixties and seventies designed interiors of bygone times. 

But there are plenty of great stylish choices of wall panelling that will fit in well with the modern home. If you want wooden slat walls or an exposed brickwork look. 

Wood panelling gives a completely new feel to a room and can make a really great feature wall. If you are only going to use this on one or two walls within your home, think about which to use in order to give the best effect. Often, the wall that you select will become a focal point. 

Decals and Murals

Another great way of creating an impact in your living space is to use preprinted wall murals. These could be treated in a similar way to wallpaper. You will again make a feature of one wall by creating an image that covers the entirety of the wall. Of course, you could choose to decorate the entire room in this print, however, it may make it look a little bit busy on the eyes. 

Decals offer a great way brightening up and adding details to a wall that has been painted in plain colours. These can normally be very easily applied and will leave no lasting marks on the wall behind, should you choose to remove them at a later date.

Wall Hangings

Again, another way to create a new sense to a room is to use wall hangings. Large light cloth pieces with pattern create a whole new atmosphere. Again, these make a great feature for any plainly decorated walls, and again, would not cause any damage when it comes to removing them at a later date. 

Large Pot Plants

It is amazing how much of a difference having a few large potted plants in the corner of each room would make. You could really frame a room in a totally new way and make a large feature of something like a rubber tree plant. 

Remember though, pot plants need love and water. Make sure you keep on top of their upkeep or they won’t look good forever.

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