Hiring the Perfect Wedding DJ: 5 Key Tips

Hiring the Perfect Wedding DJ: 5 Key Tips

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the best days of your life.

A big part of making that day so memorable is having a killer party after the ceremony. And you can’t have a killer party without a killer DJ.

Choosing the right wedding DJ services isn’t that easy though. Choose poorly and you could end up with an empty dancefloor.

Read on then as we look at five tips for finding the ideal DJ.

1. Ask for Recommendations

Chances are you already know some local people who’ve got married and hired a DJ.

If so, ask them for recommendations. They may have loved their DJ, or they may tell you to steer clear.

If you don’t know anyone you can ask, then have a chat with your wedding venue. They should know which DJs have gone down best in the past.

2. Meet Them in Person

Don’t hire a DJ without meeting them first.

A DJ website is just like a Tinder profile; you can never be sure just how accurate it really is. By meeting the DJ in person you’ll get a much more accurate picture of the type of person they are and whether you think they’d be a good fit.  Schedule your meeting at Austin Wedding DJs today.

3. Ask For Samples

Many DJs and near and far such as wedding dj hire adelaide will have some video footage of their previous jobs.

Ask to seem some of their samples. You’ll be able to see what kind of tunes they play, and how full the dance floor is. If you’re not impressed, move on to someone else.

Work your way through a list of local DJs until you’ve found someone you feel happy with. One recommendation is dj equipment hire sydney.

4. Find Out Their MO

It’s a timeless question: what do you do when you’ve just played a song that’s emptied the dancefloor?

Many DJs will have their own tricks to get the party going again. This may be falling back on a song that no one can resist, or they might have some other tricks up their sleeve. Ask your potential DJ exactly how they work, and how they cope in specific circumstances.

If they don’t have a ready answer, they may not have the experience you require.

5. Give Them Your Must-Plays (And Don’t-Plays!)

Finally, remember that this is your day. Whatever the DJ’s personal preferences, they’re there to satisfy you.

Go ahead and give them a list of songs that you really want them to play if you have them. And don’t forget to let them know if there are any tunes that you really can’t stand.

The last thing you want is a song you hate being played at your wedding.

You Only Hire Wedding DJ Services Once

For most of us, we’ll only ever need wedding DJ services once. So you need to make sure you make the right choice. Hopefully, these tips will have helped.

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