5 Bags all Women Should Own

5 Bags all Women Should Own

5 Bags all Women Should Own

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There’s a theory that women fall into two categories. Those that love handbags that buy them at every opportunity, and have one for every outfit. And those that love shoes. That aren’t as interested in bags but have shoes for every occasion, and their favorite pairs in multiple colors. This is, of course, nonsense. Some of us love shoes and bags equally, and some of us have no interest in either, only buying the shoes and bags that we absolutely need, and taking very little interest in the process of shopping for them. For many of us, it comes in phases. You might have a period when you want every bag that you look at. But then the urge passes when you’ve got everything that you need. 

However you feel about bags (or shoes), you can’t deny that they are necessary. Even now that our phones do so much, it’s hard to fit everything that you need for a family day out or a night on the town into your pockets, and even if you could, you’d be uncomfortable, and things could easily get dropped, lost or even stolen. So, bags are a must. Here’s a look at five of the bags that every woman should own, whether they are the only five, or five in a thousand. 

A Sophisticated Clutch

Do you ever find that you need to dress an outfit up, and you aren’t quite sure how to do it? A sophisticated clutch is a must in these situations. It can help to turn jeans and a nice top into a trendy outfit, perfect for a meal in a nice restaurant or drinks in a cocktail bar. Your stylish clutch is ideal for popping in your luggage for a holiday. It gives you options wherever you are going. 

A Large Backpack

While a clutch is excellent, you’ll only be able to get your phone, purse, keys and perhaps a few other essentials inside. Great for a night out, but not so good for a big family day trip. A backpack that charges your phone is perfect here. You can easily fit in a picnic, changes of clothes, drinks, toys and anything else that you might need, charge your phone if you need to, and be able to carry it comfortably. 

A Secure Crossbody

A crossbody is a great choice when you travel somewhere that you don’t know or don’t feel comfortable. A crossbody is literally worn across your body, and you can easily move the bag around, to hold it in front of you. This makes it much harder to grab and can make you feel more secure. 

An Oversized Tote

An oversized tote always looks cool, whether it’s filled with nappies and wipes or school books and a laptop. It looks stylish, works with most outfits and gives you plenty of space for life’s essentials. 

A Weekender

5 Bags all Women Should Own

Source – CC0 Licence

Most of us have got a big suitcase and a little suitcase. One that fits in the cabin, and the other that has to go in the hold. But, what about when you don’t need either? When you are going on a short business trip, or an overnight hotel stay. Then, a weekender will do. Something big enough to carry luggage for a few days, but easy to carry.

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