What Worries You About The Future?

What Worries You About The Future?

Human beings tend to worry. We have brains that can go on long thought tangents, over any kind of subject, and spiral deep into a pit of despair from time to time! It sounds dramatic to say that out loud, but it’s unfortunately very true – we dread the thought of receiving bad news simply because of what it could do to our current mental state, never mind what the news might actually be! 

And one of the worst things we can worry about is the unknown – namely, the future ahead of us. The future can be a very worrying prospect for some of us. We don’t know what’s going to happen, and whilst that may be a normal (or even exciting) fact of life for other people, a few of us out there can be real worriers about it! And because of that, it might be a good idea to sit down and realise where your fear of the future really stems from. 

And to try and help you accomplish such a task, that’s going to take a lot of courage on your part, we’ve compiled just a few ideas to get you thinking. It’s important to address them, even if only for your peace of mind! 

What Worries You About The Future?

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Working a Job You Hate?

The job market we’re currently dealing with leaves a lot to be desired. There aren’t as many positions out there as we need there to be, and when you try to apply, there’s a high chance you’re going to be completely ignored. Searching for a job can be extremely disheartening, and can take a very long time, and securing an interview can really pile the pressure on. After all, if you don’t get through, you can start to think that’s the last chance you have to make a career. 

But when you do manage to score a job, and it’s not the one you want, and it’s not even remotely near the field you’re trained to work in, you stop getting excited about your days at work. You slog through it, earning money of course, but at the expense of your happiness and professional satisfaction. Eventually, you start to believe you’re never going to get out of this job, and you’re going to be stuck doing something you hate for years to come!

But before you get to a place like this in your head, stop yourself. Think about what you’ve learned from your job, and the worthy experience it’s granted you. You’ve got a lot to update your CV with, at the least! 

Your Future Health? 

It’s one of the main worries we all hold: how well are we going to feel as we get older and older? How well will our heart still be performing 20 or 30 years down the line? What kind of diet, or exercise program, will make sure we’re always feeling in our prime, no matter how old we are? After all, we do a lot of prevention in the here and now, with our eating habits and hitting the gym at least 3 times a week, even if we don’t particularly enjoy what we get up to! 

We see a lot of worrying news on the TV about what might happen to a person as they get older. We are bombarded with facts and figures over what consuming certain foods might lead to, or the new type of tea that’s meant to seriously reduce your risk of cancer – it’s everpresent and can be extremely confusing, and it only serves to make us worry more and more! 

And if you have older relatives of your own, and they’re living in nursing or cared for accommodation, your reservations about your future health and wellbeing may come from personal experience. If a person you love, who can’t take care of themselves anymore, has had to deal with trouble from someone who was meant to look after them, you know exactly how important the services of a nursing home abuse attorney really are. 

But when it comes down to it, living healthily usually means living happily. If you’re happy with the way your life currently is, and what you eat and how often you get your heart racing, you can be sure you’re going to feel those warm, fuzzy effects for a good few years to come. 

A Sudden Emergency? 

We never know when an emergency could be right around the corner, and that’s precisely what makes them so scary to try and face. An emergency could happen at any time, and at any place, and you’re never sure about how you’ll be able to react until something happens. 

You dread the day when you’ll be called in the middle of the working day just to be told that something’s happened to one of your parents, or you have to stop in the street because you see a robbery occurring across the road. How exactly do you cope with situations like these?  

The first thing to realise is that you are capable of coping with them. And it’s so important to prepare as much as possible, whilst you can, with what you have. 

Start an emergency savings fund, in case of a medical need or a plumbing issue that could flood the house out. Take out an insurance policy on the contents of your home, to make sure any money you’ve sunk into your furniture and decorations won’t go to waste due to an emergency. Remember that you’ve always got the emergency services on the end of the phone. And always try to stay vigilant, when you’re out and about or on the road, to make sure you’re always conducting yourself in the safest manner possible – don’t worry, this is a lot easier than it might seem! 

The future can be extremely worrying, but it’s something you can steel yourself up for, and take some preventative measures against. Telling yourself you’re going to be OK is just the first, crucial step. 

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