5 companies that I’m loving recently

When I find a cool company, I just have to pass them along to you, because why would I hold back? These 5 companies below have blown me away with their hard work and great products/support. Check them out – 

Toby’s Family Foods

I recently just found Toby’s Family Foods at Whole Foods (they also sell it at Sprouts, FYI) and they are the bomb dot com. Seriously. So good and so much healthier than a lot of companies out there, doing what they do. Toby’s Family Foods started in the 1970s. Toby was determined to use quality and local ingredients to make wholesome food that her kids loved to eat (by the way, I seriously think that all great companies start with a determined mom or parent!). But even now, years later, they are staying true to their roots by continuing to handcraft their food in small batches. They offer easy-to-read labels, amazing flavors, and most importantly, high-quality ingredients! Their food honestly tastes homemade and you can rest easy knowing that it’s much better for you. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan!

Reformation Brewery

A local company – reformation brewery! I’ve always known that they had a location in Woodstock, but I just recently went to their Canton location and it was amazing! I actually liked it much more. It wasn’t as crowded, it had a huge green space with a large TV, and there were restaurants surrounding it. What would make it even better? An amazing food truck, but until then, it’s an awesome option for a brewery. Try the Mexican restaurant next to it – it was great! Or, shop at the little (really, big) market – you will not regret it at all.


I actually just recently heard about Safara and I am loving it so much! The concept is brilliant: they offer amazing hotels, booking right from their site, but the prices are the best that you’ll find AND you save 10% on every single booking. Amazing, right? I think so! Crunchbase says, “Safara is a hotel booking platform and membership that minimizes time and cost for travelers.” I’m not sure where I see them going in the future, but I sure am excited to watch as they continue to grow and hopefully thrive.

Criterion Technology, Inc.

5 companies that I'm loving recently

Here’s a local company that is doing GREAT things. Criterion Technology, Inc. is based out of Thomaston GA and Criterion Technology, Inc. is the industry leader of the highest quality clear component parts molded out of polycarbonate, acrylic, and an exclusive optical grade nylon. They specialize in optical injection molding optics and enclosures. They have vast technical knowledge, a robust commitment to R&D, and optimum on-site testing. Criterion Technology, Inc. has three core values: to be innovative, to engage, empower, and help others, and to exhibit personal integrity. With these values in mind, their goal is to provide customers with continuous improvements in optical performance and manufacturing processes and they aim to be the standard by which all others are measured.

The President and CEO of Criterion Technology, Inc., Chris Mulvey, began working in the video security industry in 1982. He says, “I was inspired to start my own company in 1990, with the goal of perfecting the art and technology of creating optical enclosures for the video security industry that would be first-in-class worldwide. In the 28 years Criterion has been in existence, I have worked with my team to stay ahead of the technology curve to ensure that our customers will remain competitive in the industry. My goal is to continuously meet and exceed expectations of optical performance through continuing education and training for myself and my employees to maximize their understanding and support of Criterion’s customers. My focus and passion for almost three decades has been developing new technologies to give my customers an edge over their competitors. I am proud of Criterion’s development and expansion of manufacturing technologies to become recognized worldwide as the leader in this industry.” 


Last but not least, do you like pesky mosquitos? Because I sure do not! Wondercide to the rescue! They offer plant-based and non-toxic formulas to keep mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other bugs at bay. They have yard sprays, bug sprays, flea and tick collars, and more. It is a super cool company! 

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