5 Little Known Benefits of Apple Pay

5 Little Known Benefits of Apple Pay

Do you often find yourself in a rush to pay for things at the grocery store? Are you constantly in a rush to get back to the office from grabbing lunch on your break? If so, then you should consider the benefits of Apple Pay.

Doing so gives you more convenience and safety during these unprecedented times. Even in the tightest of time frames, Apple Pay can make it possible to grab food, supplies, or whatever you need.

See below for all the different Apple Pay benefits that you can use to thrive in your everyday life. Envision how you can use them in your day to day activities

1. Convenience

The first, and probably the most obvious, benefit of using Apple Pay is the convenience of having your card ready to use at any given point.

Which one do you make sure to grab every time you head to a public place, your wallet or your phone? A majority of people today would say they prioritize the latter.

What happens if you get to the checkout line at the grocery store, then realize you forgot your wallet at home? If you have Apple Pay set up, this won’t be a concern. You will have a method of payment already on your phone.

It offers a convenient option for you to pay no matter where you are. Whether it be at the grocery store, the airport, a sports stadium, a retail store, or anywhere else. As long as they offer Apple Pay on their purchasing system (most do) you’re good to go.

2. Security

Believe it or not, using Apple Pay is more secure than carrying around a wallet with your card inside it.

If a burglar gets their hands on your wallet, then nothing is preventing them from using the card and applying it as a credit at the gas station, online, at the grocery store, and so forth.

Meanwhile, if they were to get their hands on your phone, they still wouldn’t be able to access your card information. The phone requires either face identification or a fingerprint before it shows your card info or allows it to be scanned.

Apple Pay also rids you of the hassle of carrying cards or cash with you that can easily be stolen. You can place your debit card or credit card info on it, store it, and have it ready to be used at any time.

Do you have a gift card that you’re wanting to use at Starbucks? Simply add the Starbucks gift card to your wallet and you’ll be able to use it by pressing “pay”.

No matter what info you place on Apple Pay, it’s entirely secure. It doesn’t send your payment information to the merchant. It also protects you from RFID theft, which is common among credit cards and debit cards that have a chip.

With Apple Pay, you’ll be able to take back control of any transaction you make, as well as prevent any from occurring that you didn’t make.

3. Easy Set-Up

Sometimes the most convenient tech features are the most complicated to set-up. That is not the case when it comes to Apple Pay.

Apple pay has a simplistic interface, which helps even the most un-savvy of tech users to understand what to click and where to place the card info.

The initial step is super easy to place your cards on and should only take you a minute or two to do so. You simply open the app, press the “+” sign at the top right, then fill in the card information as it instructs you.

Once you’ve filled in the card information, it’s ready to use at any time. You can even set up your phone to where you simply double-click the side button and Apple Pay will pop up to be used.

If you’d like to use that feature, go to the Settings app, click on “Apple Pay & Wallet”, then turn on the double-click side button feature.

4. Quick Payment

How many times have you become frustrated when trying to pay for something at the store? Maybe the chip on your card no longer works. Perhaps it’s been swiped so many times that it no longer works.

Apple Pay will offer the same quick and easy payment method no matter how frequently you use it. Simply verify your identity (with face ID or your fingerprint), then the Apple Pay feature is ready to be used.

After that, you simply put the phone up to the reader and it will complete the purchase only a few seconds after.

5. Hands-Free Transaction

Current events have required us all to give a second thought to how much contact we make with not only other people but things that other people touch.

The card reader is one of the most unsanitary items in any store. Every customer that checked out in that line has touched the card reader, breathed on the card reader, and so forth.

Apple Pay prevents you from having to touch any of it. You simply pull out your phone and place it near the reader. No need for you to touch the reader, for the cashier to touch your credit cards, or any other form of contact.

Unlock The Benefits of Apple Pay in Your Life

Now that you have seen several of the most amazing benefits of Apple Pay, it’s time for you to unlock the benefits of using Apple Pay in your life today.

The process is hands-free, quick, and efficient. Both you and the cashier will have an easier time completing the sale and being mindful of each other’s space.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on how to unlock the benefits of Apple Pay, as well as many other topics that you will enjoy.

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