Tech Gadgets That Will Do All the Hard Work for You this Holiday Season

Tech Gadgets That Will Do All the Hard Work for You this Holiday Season


Last year the American Time Use Survey revealed that homeowners spend 90 minutes every day on house chores like cleaning and lawn maintenance, according to the CNBC. As we approach the festive season, there is a likelihood you have spent a few minutes thinking of how to keep the house organized. With everyone spending the entire day at home, not to mention the number of friends visiting, maintaining clean spaces can be overwhelming. Fortunately, new and innovative gadgets are making household tasks less time-consuming. If you don’t have devices that handle your house chores, now is the time to take your home to the future with new tech.

Floor Steam Cleaners

Anyone who owns a steam cleaner or mop knows how useful it is when it is time to clean stained floors. Steam cleaners do all the work, maintaining a healthy environment. Studies show that the steam produced by steam mops kills 99.99% of bacteria. While floors are the most used parts of the home, during holiday seasons, the traffic doubles, and sometimes, triples. Floors in every room will be dirty with stains and drink spills all over. If spot cleaning irritates you, then buying a steam cleaner is worthwhile. You only need to adjust the settings to your preferences and control the nozzle from one spot to another to get rid of stains and dust. Steam cleaning is an all-natural as it does not involve the use of chemical detergents. However, before you can go shopping, Household Advice recommends doing your research and reviewing actual user feedback to find one that meets your needs.

Smart Ovens and Stoves

Given that the Christmas season has a lot to do with meal preparation, smart ovens will arguably be resourceful this season in many households. Whether you are bad at cooking, want to prepare meals faster, or try out new recipes, smart ovens get rid of any doubts you may have. They enable you to send recipes and adjust temperatures automatically and then do the cooking for you. So, you don’t have to guess your way around when preparing a feast. Also, you can connect your smart oven with your IOS or Android phone for remote control as well as Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control, making the cooking process less stressful.

Automated Dish Washers

Washing dishes is a chore many people dislike. But it doesn’t have to be that way this season if you use your dishwasher more often than usual. In fact, dishwashers feel the strain of holidays because people eat at home more often than at any other time. Dishwashers are automated, so your only role is to arrange the utensils in the machine, put detergent, adjust the settings, and relax. With new developments, the functionality of dishwashers has changed. That is why you need to learn about different dishwashers and choose what you think is best for your household.

Advance in technology is changing our role in homes. People don’t clean homes using a traditional mop anymore, thanks to steam cleaners that reduce the task. If cooking has been nerve-racking, you can now prepare for a crowd using automated stoves or oven.

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