5 Things To Know Before Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

5 Things To Know Before Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

Women see facial and body hair as a challenge and getting rid of them is a top priority. Methods like waxing, epilating, tweezing and hair removal creams help but they can be messy and time-consuming. The recent advancements in beauty technologies have made hair removal simpler and faster with laser technique. This method uses a laser to remove hair follicles permanently. So a few sessions can help you get rid of unwanted hair forever. But before you opt for this treatment, there are some facts that you need to know. Let us list them out for you.  

5 Things To Know Before Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

Stop waxing and plucking

Laser treatment targets the roots of the hair to get rid of them permanently. So you need to stop waxing or plucking the hair at least 4-6 weeks before your first appointment. This is because these techniques pull the hair out from the root. You can opt for shaving because it does not affect the hair root. You must follow the same routine every time you have a hair removal session. 

Shave a day before the session

As said before, you can shave for regular hair removal while following this treatment. Your expert will also ask you to do it a day or two prior to the session. Even though the hair is not visible, the laser can target the pigment in the hair root. You need to shave the area because it limits the chances of burning as the hair is below the skin surface.

Avoid exposure to the sun

Another precaution that you need to take before Laser Hair Removal treatment is avoiding exposure to the sun. If you absolutely need to go out, use a good quality sunscreen to protect the area to be laser treated. You have to take this precaution at least two weeks prior to the sessions. Sunburns can cause side effects such as excessive pain, blistering and skin discoloration. Your specialist may even postpone the appointment if you go with sunburn. 

Share information about your medications

Some medications may interfere with the laser treatment. They can make the treatment less effective or even cause side effects like burns and blisters. So you must inform the professional about any oral or topical medications that you are using. These include antibiotics, birth control pills, acne creams, and photosensitizing medications. The specialist may not ask you to stop taking the medication but will adjust the treatment accordingly.

Remove makeup or creams before the session

5 Things To Know Before Your First Laser Hair Removal Session

Like medications, cosmetics can also hamper the effect of the treatment. So you must not use any makeup or cosmetic as a precaution before the session. If you have anything on, make sure that you remove them before starting with the procedure. Besides, makeup, you should also avoid deodorant, ointments, lotions and any other topical applications on the area. Also, avoid bleaching the area a few weeks prior to the appointment.

Now that you know all about the precautions before laser, you will be better prepared for your first session. Taking these small steps can make it safe and effective right from the first time. 

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