Poor website design can diminish your company’s credibility. Almost 95% of misgivings about a website’s integrity come back to design, not content. Ugly websites turn people off.

What makes a website ugly?

Stretched or pixelated pictures make a jarring first impression. Hard-to-read text gives users a headache. And difficult navigation makes for a frustrating encounter.

These are all details that professional web designers know. It is really worth spending money on web development but it is much more important to hire a professional agency that knows everything about web design.

Don’t fall into the ugly website trap. Make design and web design markham a priority with these website design ideas.

1. Movement

The internet is a dynamic place previously populated by static placeholders. That’s changing as browsers become faster and more capable of handling complicated elements. To bring life to your website, make it move.

Choose slide scrolling to keep visitors moving through information. Use mouseover effects and other animation ideas to change what’s on the screen or make elements larger or smaller.

Incorporate movement into featured content like this website did for suboxone treatment. Animated bullet points provide visual interest that draws the eye and holds your user’s attention.

2. Transitions

Don’t overlook the humble page transition. It’s a great opportunity to emphasize quality web design.

Consider fade or sweep effects as different pages are accessed. Move visitors forward without taking away from their experience of your content. Your site will function more like a sophisticated app than a rigid webpage.

Page transitions add polish to your website and are a professional finishing touch.

3. Color Extremes

Embrace a unique use of color for your landing page design.

Go bold with neons and saturation. Or drain your site of color and let the contrast of black and white make the impact.

If your product or service is associated with a specific color, use it for your site’s elements. Make colored buttons, backgrounds, or shadows.

4. A Fount of Fonts

Advances in font rendering tech and higher resolution displays have put to bed the archaic website design tip to stick to sans serifs. Use all the serif strokes you want!

Express yourself and your brand with your website’s typeface. A mixture of fonts will communicate different things. Define quotes with serifs and informative text with simpler type.

Just don’t go overboard or you’ll risk looking like an overzealous flyer designer. Two or three fonts is plenty for your site.

5. Front and Center Visuals

While image heavy sites used to grind dial-up to a halt, today’s browsers and connection speeds can take the hit. High def photos take up less space and load quickly now, making them usable for splash pages and backgrounds.

Distinguish yourself from the amateurs with high-quality photography. It’s one creative idea in web design that can’t be overused.

Flood the background with a high res image and float your text on top of it. Apply magazine aesthetics to make your site something worth engaging with.

Allow impressive visuals to represent your brand in a splash video. Your story virtually tells itself.

Try These Website Design Ideas to Set Your Site Apart

If you’re looking for ways to improve a lackluster website, give these website design ideas a try. Focus on high-quality graphics and creative use of color and type. Subtle animations lend sophistication to the user experience.

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