5 Winners Personalized Santa Video Giveaway

5 Winners Personalized Santa Video Giveaway

I have been having so much fun getting ready for Christmas this year offline as well as online. I had a lot of fun preparing my Thanksgiving menu and now I will start on my Christmas menu. We take a few things seriously in my family. Get-togethers is one of the things we feel strongly about. Another thing we believe in is not overdoing it with gifts. We put the focus on the reason for the season and we only buy we can truly afford.

As I’ve been surfing around online for affordable gifts for my kids as well as all of the neighborhood kids, I’ve been creating a gift guide from my findings. Just about everything I’ve added to my gift guide for kids is affordable and not only fit the budget, but they’re products that make kids use their imagination. I hope you will check out my gift suggestions while you’re here.

Speaking of affordable, I’ve got a unique and affordable gift idea for you to consider this year for Christmas.  A personalized video message from Santa.  Keep reading to learn more.

If you surfed in to enter my giveaway, thank you in advance for entering. You’ll have a chance to enter in just a minute. I’d like to tell you a little about the Portable North Pole who has graciously agreed to host the giveaway first.

5 Winners Personalized Santa Video Giveaway

If you like giving personalized gifts for Christmas, you’re going to love the idea behind  Santa’s personalized video from Portable North Pole5 of you will actually win personalized video’s in this giveaway.  You will be able to create the personalized video for your child.  The below video is a teaser of the message you can send.

Please take a moment to go check out the Portable North Pole before entering my giveaway.  At the closing of the giveaway, I will send 5 winners the information needed to create your video.  Kids love seeing their photo and hearing their name from Santa.  You can also pick out a few toys to purchase from the Portable North Pole while you’re there and personalized videos come with them as well.

5 Winners Personalized Santa Video Giveaway

If you’re ready to enter the giveaway, please use the below form to enter.  If you have any issues with it, please use my contact form to let me know.  Toys are not included in the giveaway.  Good luck.

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“Portable North Pole (PNP), a new Christmas tradition, is a platform (desktop/mobile app) used by Santa and his elves to send personalized video messages and calls to the people you care about most. In just a few simple steps, you can help Santa gather all the information he needs about your loved one and create a personalized video message or phone call that is positively magical. To create truly unforgettable memories and keepsakes, you can download a 1080P HD version of your message and your child’s reaction to keep for years to come. Discover the North Pole and all its magic at www.portablenorthpole.com.”


  1. I wish this was around when I was younger! While my kids are too old for Santa, I know a couple people this could be useful for! Thanks for your post.

  2. What a cute idea and a definite 21 century upgrade from the traditional letters from Santa

  3. My youngest would love a video from Santa…what a great idea! I will have to enter, thanks for sharing!

  4. Glad everything went so well with you for the thanksgiving and I’m sure it will be for Christmas as well. I dont like gifting so many and reading the “focus on the reason for the season” and it kinda seems a rhythm lol. Great post and wish you a good Month.

  5. This giveaway is so amazing because it it related to Christmas, my favorite time of the year. I’m so ready!! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 – Paolo

  6. What a nice idea! I would love to enter but I don’t have any kids that are into Santa anymore. Thank you for doing this though! You will bring joy to 5 little ones and their families.

  7. What a fun idea! My younger kids would love to receive a personalized video message and call from Santa! I will definitely consider this, as I love to give personalized gifts.

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