8 Gifts for Crafty People That’ll Keep Them Busy Until Next Christmas

8 Gifts for Crafty People That'll Keep Them Busy Until Next Christmas

8 Gifts for Crafty People That'll Keep Them Busy Until Next Christmas

Studies show that participating in creative activities can boost your quality of life. Your loved ones may already have an arts and crafts hobby they indulge in, or maybe they still haven’t found the right one for them yet.

In any case, maybe you want to help them improve their day-to-day wellbeing. This holiday season, you can gift them something artsy so they can find a new passion.

If you’re stumped, then not to worry. Here are 8 gifts for crafty people that’ll keep them busy until next Christmas!

1. Sewing Machine

Most larger models can cost a pretty penny, but the good news is, there are plenty of smaller hobby sewing machines available. This means you can pick one up for under $100; some mini sewing machines cost just $20!

This can be a great gift since it covers a wide range of arts and crafts. The giftee can make stuffed animals, clothes, blankets, and more. Instead of having to spend time hand-sewing things, they can just use their new sewing machine!

2. Origami Paper

Origami can be a nice papercraft to get into since usually, all you need is the paper and your hands. In addition, there are all levels of crafts you can make from it, so your giftee can start out small and eventually, grow their skills to make more complicated origami.

While some origami paper can be plain and solid-colored, you can also get fancier pieces of paper that have intricate designs on them. Get your recipient a nice mix of origami paper so they can test out which colors and designs they like.

What’s great about origami paper is they usually come with an insert with some basic patterns. Your loved one can learn from that and if they find they like doing origami, they can look up more patterns online or purchase a book.

3. Crochet or Knitting Kit

If the giftee isn’t experienced in arts and crafts, you may not want to give them something that forces them to take a dive in the deep end.

In this case, a crochet or knitting kit is the perfect gift. These usually come with some starter items, such as one or two hooks and some skeins of yarn.

These can be very appealing since they also come with a cute pattern. For example, you can purchase ones that have patterns for unicorns, cats, or dogs.

This can be a fun way of introducing crocheting and knitting to your loved ones. That way, if they like it, they can buy more of their own materials. If not, then it’s not a whole lot of money spent on this hobby.

4. Bracelet Making Kit

Another great beginner’s kit to get someone would be a bracelet making kit. If your loved one isn’t great with arts and crafts, this can be easier to do than crocheting or knitting.

Because it’s very easy to do, bracelet making is a fantastic gift for those who aren’t as dextrous. This can include the elderly, children, and anyone else who would have trouble with more complicated arts and crafts. Plus, your loved ones can gift one another their personal creations afterward!

5. Baking Mix Set

Here’s another outstanding gift for an arts and crafts newbie! A baking mix set can give them a taste of what it’s like to whip up something delicious in your friend or family’s kitchen.

Usually, these come complete with baking trays and utensils such as spatulas, so the giftee won’t have to buy anything extra to make these treats. Plus, the recipes are very delicious (they can be cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc.), so if they’re happy with the results, they can use the recipe for years to come.

6. Steam Generator Iron

This one may seem like an odd idea, but it’s actually a great gift for crafty people! A steam generator iron is perfect for not only keeping their clothes nice and wrinkle-free but also many of their projects as well.

For example, they may enjoy making their own custom patches for their jackets; a steam generator iron is great for helping those stay on. Or they may want to put heat transfer vinyl onto their t-shirts.

Whatever project they want to do with their clothes, they’ll have an easier time with a quality steam generator iron.

7. Calligraphy Set

Nowadays, barely anything is handwritten anymore. With computers, smartphones, and tablets, we typically communicate digitally.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t take some time to appreciate the art of calligraphy. This is definitely not a lost art, as many people around the world enjoy calligraphy.

Gift your loved one a nice set that can get them started on this beautiful penmanship. Many sets come with self-teaching guides, which is perfect, as it eliminates the need for lessons.

8. Soap Making Kit

Art’s usually just nice to look at, but with a soap making kit, your giftee can make something they can also use! This can be a fun hobby to indulge in since once you learn the basics, you can play around with the fragrances to make something truly unique and personal.

Not only can you tweak the scents, but you can also play around with the shapes. If the kit doesn’t already have some, consider throwing in some soap molds with interesting shapes so your giftee can create some fun looking soap pieces!

Consider Purchasing These Gifts for Crafty People This Holiday Season

With all these ideas on gifts for crafty people, you’ll have an easy time shopping for your loved ones this Christmas. Who knows, you may even help them find a new passion in their life!

Just remember to get your holiday shopping done early. No one likes to be stuck for hours, trying to find parking, then navigating through the thick crowds to pick out gifts. So get started now, before it’s too late!

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