6 Creative Ways to Remember a Loved One

6 Creative Ways to Remember a Loved One

6 Creative Ways to Remember a Loved One

Finding creative ways to remember a loved one can be a comforting distraction from the pain of loss. It also can offer a road to recovery that replaces that feeling with one of hope and fulfillment.

In the following article, we’ll be discussing the top ways to memorialize your loved one after they’ve passed from this life. Just remember, no one is really gone if you find a way to remember them. These tips will help.

1. Make a Dedication

One of the most popular ideas to remember a loved one is dedication. A dedication can be anything meaningful to you that reminds you of the departed. It usually involves marking their name in some way on the object or edifice, and there could be an expense involved.

Music is also effective. If you’re unsure of what to dedicate, start with a landmark or milestone of some kind that is special to who the individual was. It could be a plaque with their name on it that you have affixed to a bench or a memorial vine.

2. Create a Natural Tribute

Did your loved one have a special love of the outdoors? Perhaps they enjoyed planting flowers. If that’s the case, you might consider a natural tribute of some kind.

One example of this might be a memorial rose garden for someone who loved roses. Planting a tree in their honor is another way of bringing in Mother Nature when remembering a loved one.

This particular method is a favorite for good reason. Nature is beauty and peace, and it rejuvenates. That symbolism offers hope and comfort in times of grief.

3. Frame Something Personal

Everyone leaves behind something when they’re gone. Go through your loved one’s belongings, making special note of the items that meant the most to them.

It could be a special coat or jersey. Think of their interests when remembering loved ones that have passed, and then take those valuables to a framing shop to preserve them under glass for years to come.

You can make this extra special by placing the finished product on display prominently within your home or business. Then, every time someone sees it, they’ll remember.

4. Adopt a Piece of Clothing or Jewelry

Another of the many ways to remember a loved one is to “adopt” a favorite hat or shirt and start wearing it yourself. If wearing their wardrobe is too personal, consider a piece of jewelry like a necklace, bracelet, or ring. Make it a part of your ensemble so you will think of them every time you put those objects on or take them off.

5. Personalize a New Item

Maybe your loved one wasn’t the sentimental jewelry-wearing type. No problem.

Have something created that you can wear or use with their picture, name, or a favorite saying on it. You also might consider stainless steel cremation jewelry for extra durability and longevity.

6. Celebrate Them

There are few better things to do in memory of a loved one than to create a special day for them. Consider revolving it around a birthday, anniversary, or some special event in their lives.

Take the whole day or part of the day when you do. Fill that time, whenever it is, with events and remembrances that would have been special to them while they were alive.

How to Decide

As you can see, there are numerous ways to remember your loved ones when they die. The “problem” is in choosing from the available options. To help expedite the process, make the following considerations.

Ask What Was Special to Them

Go back through their lives. What did they enjoy doing in their free time? Their alone time?

This is your chance to dig deep into the people they were when they were here physically. It also will trigger some valuable personal memories that you had when you were together.

Consult Your Own Memories

The natural next step is to personalize the experience. It’s okay to choose based on the stories of others, but make room for your own memories as well.

After all, this is how you honor them. We all present different sides of our personalities while we’re alive. What was that special loved one to you?

Determine the Resources You Will Need

After considering what was special to them and who they were to you on a personal level, it’s time to take action. Will you need any monetary resources in your remembrance, or can you find another way to do something meaningful and long-lasting?

You’re now in the logistical phase. Make a list of money, time, travel required.

Make Accommodations

Who will you want to include in your observance? Will there, or should there, be other attendees? Now’s the time to reach out to anyone who held your loved one to the same degree of importance.

Bring everyone together or choose something personal and map out how you will implement what you’ve decided. Try not to let any existing personal grievances get in the way.

Keep the Observance

You’ve determined how you will remember your loved one. Now it’s time to keep up the tradition.

It can be difficult to do at first, especially when you’re so close to the event that took them from you. With time, however, you will grow to remember them for the life they’ve lived and not how they died.

Remember the following saying (author unknown). “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” Treat it like one, and it will ensure that your loved one stays alive in your heart.

These Creative Ways to Remember a Loved One Will Ensure They Remain with You Always

As you think about these and other creative ways to remember a loved one, try to let go of the grief that you feel and embrace the joyfulness and warm feelings that they inspire. It can be easier said than done, but with practice and determination, you’ll get there.

May you feel blessed in your memories and how you choose to express them. For more family and lifestyle tips, check out our other blogs.

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