6 Expert Tips to Improve Sciatica Pain

6 Expert Tips to Improve Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is not an uncommon condition and is generally caused by a trapped nerve which causes significant low back pain that radiates to one leg. Seeking expert care is a vital initial step towards managing the disease as it enables you to understand the possible causes of your condition and how severe it is to find the most suitable treatment option. Your provider can advise you to incorporate some lifestyle changes to improve your symptoms. Holmdel sciatica specialists can diagnose your condition and help you find relief. 

Here is what you can do.

Stay Active

In most cases of sciatica pain, you will mainly feel like you want to rest and avoid being physically active. However, studies have found that taking bed rest or staying inactive can be counterproductive in treating sciatica. Therefore, you have to beat the urge and participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week. But if you are not currently exercising, you might want to take it slow by beginning with about 60 minutes of physical activity each week and slowly progress until you achieve your goals. However, avoid high-intensity and impact exercises.

Try Hot and Cold Therapy

You might get some pain relief from using hot and cold packs on your lower back. You can start by icing your aching muscles by wrapping an ice pack on a dry cloth and placing it over. You can apply the ice for about twenty minutes several times a day to decrease inflammation, one of the leading causes of nerve irritation. You can also switch to a hot pack to ease the pain and alternate between the two therapies for optimal results.

Over the Counter Medications

Your doctor might recommend some OTC pain medications to relieve your lower back pain. This will help you stay active to engage in stretching and muscle strengthening exercises for more long-term pain relief. If you do not attain pain relief from the medications, you can consult your doctor for prescription medications.

Lift Heavy Objects Carefully

Lifting heavy objects is one of the contributing factors to sciatica. Therefore, you have to avoid or be careful lifting objects to prevent causing more irritation and pain. Use the proper form of bending your knee and extending the pressure to your hips and leg muscles other than your back. Also, instead of pulling heavy boxes across the floor, you can push them slowly instead.

Maintain Good Posture

Maintaining the wrong posture while sleeping, standing, or sitting can aggravate your sciatica pain. While you stand, ensure you put equal weight on both feet, keep your shoulders pulled back but relaxed, and slightly pull in your stomach. When you sit, ensure your back is straight and your feet rest stably on your feet. You can use a pillow to sustain your back.

Consider Physical Therapy

If your sciatica pain persists despite your exercises and pain medications, you can talk to your doctor about physical therapy to improve your condition. This will offer you a more intensive therapy program to stretch and strengthen the necessary muscles to improve your pain. Your doctor can recommend the best physical therapists or offer the therapy depending on their specializations.

Reach out to Gramercy Pain Center to understand how you can improve your sciatica pain. Several treatments are available depending on your symptoms and the cause of your condition, and your doctor will diagnose your condition to recommend the most suitable option for you.

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