Good Health Habits in 2021

I decided to go into the health care field because I loved taking care of people (and still do) and frankly I was good at what I did.  Our patients knew that it required teamwork to keep them healthy.  We could advise them on ways to change their bad habits to good habits but it required them to make those changes for their health to improve.  I post a lot of health-related posts on my blog because healthcare is something I’m really passionate about. Today I want to address ways in which you can stay or become healthier, through change, even after the coronavirus pandemic.  Let’s strive together to incorporate good health habits in 2021.

As someone who spent an entire career making health my main priority, I can tell you that there’s no shortcut to a healthy body.  It requires work on your part. However, my health habit tips will help relieve tension and other issues. Staying or becoming healthy is the single most important thing you can do for your body (and for your family). 

With our hectic schedules and daily routines, it’s becoming tougher to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Especially after a very stressful year when many were out of work and ate entirely too many potato chips. Can you relate? Let me ask you some personal questions. When was the last time you took the time to take a stroll around your neighborhood? When was the last time you didn’t stop in your car at the end of your drive to check the mail, but instead walked to the mailbox?  Can you make more a little more time to take longer walks with your dog? 

  1. Start at the top- I look forward to my daily skincare routine because I know how important it is.   Don’t forget to use a trusted sunscreen on a daily basis.  Even if you aren’t planning on being in the sun long, it’s important to apply sunscreen.  You should also keep your skin moisturized.  I apply body lotion as soon as I dry myself after a shower.  One trusted lotion that I recommend is AmLactin Ultra Hydrating Body Cream (available at Walmart, Amazon, and where ever body creams are sold). Sometimes we forget that our neck should be included in our skincare routine.  Use a good product like a neck and decollete cream once or twice a day.  Eating right and drinking plenty of water helps keep our skin and face hydrated (and our brains). 
  2. Vision and hearing– When was the last time you really thought about your eyes and ears? Today, we will.  Wear sunglasses when exposed to the sun and listen to music at a medium to low volume so as not to affect your eardrum. Don’t forget to add sunscreen to your ears as well. Even if you are wearing a hat, chances are, our ears are exposed to the sun.  Keep your eyes clean and avoid rubbing them if at all possible.  Call and schedule your yearly vision and hearing exam if you haven’t already. 
  3. Relax your mind–  Music soothes my mind which helps me relax. I should say some music does.  Soft music combined with scent therapy from a yummy-smelling candle do wonders for me.  I’ve recently started yoga, meditation, and other exercises that help me relax my mind and body.  I’ve found some exercises on YouTube that I try to do on a daily basis.  I love that I can do yoga and other forms of meditation right in my home and at no cost to me.  Did you know that our brains shrink as we age? One way to keep our brains from shrinking is to keep learning new things.  I try to learn something new every week.  
  4. Get heart-healthy-  Our heart health has a lot to do with the activities that we perform. It reacts to everything we think and do. Our heart needs oxygen to pump and purify our blood.  Regular exercise and small changes in our daily habits will help by increasing the blood flow in the vessels and veins.  One thing that I have issues with is limiting my salt intake.  I love salt and the more the better.  I’ve been trying to cut back on my salt by using a salt substitute.   I have to keep it on the table or I tend to grab my salt shaker.  
  5. Let’s get stepping: I’ve recently taken the 30-day walking challenge.  For 30 days I’m going to walk a mile a day.  While the grandkids are out of school for the summer, they’ve been walking with me.  I enjoy talking with them during this time and it’s a great way to connect to see what’s going on in their little minds.  I never knew that walking could be such a relaxing part of my day.  I no longer run due to failed back surgery and I miss it.  For those of you that run and jog every day, run a mile for me.

There is equipment available which benefit almost all parts of our body. Check out treadmills and other health equipment on Amazon, Walmart, and all of your other trusted shopping sites if this is the route you want to go. 

What do you do every day to stay healthy?

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