6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

Traveling creates memories that you and your loved ones are going to talk about for the rest of your lives. It could also create new friendships and even romantic relationships! Many people tell stories about how they met their Mr or Mrs Right and how it often involves traveling across country borders. Many consider traveling as something they need to do to, but not everyone can afford it.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with some handy tips on how to travel on a budget. Get ready to book your next trip now!

1. Set up a vacation budget

6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

Set up a plan for how much you are going to spend every day. How much are you going to spend on food? Shopping? Getting an overview of what your economy can handle is going to help you not spending it all in the first few days. Many travelers tend to overestimate how much they actually can spend on their vacation.

2. Know the currency

6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

Know how much your money is worth at all times, and compare the prices to home. Is it really cheaper to buy it in a foreign country? Not everything is, but it all depends on today’s currency.

And remember to always pay in the local currency. Some places add a fee to your final transaction if not.

3. Restaurants

6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

Do you have to go to a restaurant every night? If the goal is to travel and to see and experience new cultures, you should try to make food at home (if you have an apartment or a hostel that makes cooking at home possible). Or try to make friends with some of the locals and have them make something for you.

Unless your goal is a luxurious vacation, you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant every night. Restaurants tend to be a huge part of many people’s vacation budget and can be quite expensive.

4. AirBnB or CouchSurfing

6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

The sharing economy allows people to share their homes with traveling guests. Try to book an AirBnB or other vacation rentals – it’s often a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel. And in this way, you get to experience the local culture and how the locals live. This option allows you to book a whole apartment or just a room in an apartment.

If you feel brave enough to stay on someone else’s couch than couchsurfing might be the thing for you. This is often free and could save you a lot of money.

5. Look for the best personal loans

6 Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

If you don’t have time to save up enough money for your next vacation, then a personal loan could be something to look for. But make sure to do enough research about total costs and evaluate and compare it to what you think your vacation is worth. It’s also important to set up a smart payment plan and to get an overview of your personal economy.

6. Get sales taxes refunded

Many travelers don’t travel without a sales tax refund form. This form allows you to get the sales taxes refunded, and could save you a lot of money.

Safe travels!


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