7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

Sure, times are changing and with it is changing the art of gifting. Unlike times bygone, gifting today has become more about getting an out-of-the-box gift. 

Deciding a perfect gift can often leave you to affix. Your gifts are either too over the top or too under-dressed, but never just right! 

It may look like the most unique gift while you buy it but end up feeling common at the party. That hurts, doesn’t it? 

Rule number one, choose a unique gift. 

Rule number two, a gift should never have a materialistic value to it. Choose a gift that reflects the efforts you have put into getting it. 

Rule number three, a gift is supposed to stay with them. Always choose a thoughtful and creative gift that will leave a smile on their face. 

One gift that will never fail you! 

“No, I ain’t talking about Red Wine and cheese, Linda!” 

I am talking about a portrait! It is pretty much like red wine – it gets better with time. More so, it never fades away instead keeps adding to the sentimental values. A gift that one will always remember you by. A gift that can stand any test of time. 

If you don’t believe me, check the reactions of these beautiful people who received portraits as a gift.

Now, wouldn’t it be the merriest thing to see your loved ones feel a similar rush of overwhelming emotions? 

Portraits make the best gifts and I can change your mind with just seven reasons. 

1) Memories

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

Other gifts might fritter away with time, but portraits will always remain. An absolutely effortless and simple portrait of you with your loved one with outshine all those fancy bottles of wine and dresses. 

It will work as a fantastic memory for your loved ones especially while you are away. Whenever they will see that portrait, it will make them relive the moment and leave a sweet smile on their face. 

They will always appreciate the priceless gift that you have given them!!
‘Cause the portraits bring back all the memories “and memories bring back memories, bring back you.”

2) Longevity 

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

In gadget driven world, a person would always seem more excited about a PS4. But how long? How long with your 15-year-old nephew be intrigued by a gadget? Let’s assume for three years? Thereafter something new will come up in the market, and he will yearn for that, right? 

Do you think that would be the same case with portraits? Portraits become a part of our lives. PS4s will cease to exist and end up in the attic after a time. 

But a portrait will be hung on their wall. It will slowly grow over them and become a part of their life. 

3) Improving Your Home Decor 

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

A common practice is to get flower bouquets. Without any qualms, I find it to be one of the most beautiful gifts. It adds to the ambiance of any space. But it lasts only 2 days.

A portrait can be a better more lasting substitute for flowers. And guess what is smells and stays afresh forever. 

These portraits do not only amplify the interior of the space is kept in but also fills a void that the person never knew existed.  

Bonus – He will always be reminded of you with that beautiful piece you shall be gifting. 

Just imagine, waking up to a portrait of your loved ones on the wall hanging right opposite to your bed. Wouldn’t that be a great sight which would make you happy in the morning? Your entire day will become productive and healthy!
We need good vibes here, yo!

4) Memorializing The Deceased

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

Losing someone is just something that we cannot get over easily. No words can explain how much they meant to us. A beautiful portrait can miraculously work as therapy for grieving people.

It is a wonderful way to honor the deceased and will always remind the healing person of all the happy memories they shared. 

Be it your pet, your family member, your friend or your better half, a handmade portrait is just going to help us through the grievance.  

5) Releasing Oxytocin

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

All the “special gifts” are cherished by your loved ones for a couple of days. After a few days or weeks, the radiance of that gift reduces. Why does this happen? It is because these materialistic gifts do not give add to the emotional growth of the person. Obviously, they have their “it is mine” moment but that ceases to exist eventually.

When something more personal is given, it naturally tonics the pituitary gland releasing Oxytocin. 

A theory says that any person or anything that released oxytocin when anew will release the same chemicals even after ten years. 

This is why people fall in love once and for all. This is why your partner or your loved ones will fall in love with this gift once and for all. 

Whenever they will look at the portrait, Oxytocin will be released. So more and more emotions are evoked because that will flow inside the portrait and YOU!

6) Suitable For All Age Group

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

When we talk about Love ones, it is not only about your Girlfriend or Boyfriend. It can be given to your siblings, to your relatives, parents, friends, etc. The recipients of all age groups will love it and taken aback by the wonderful gift that you are providing. 

The sheer excitement will release all the endorphins from one’s body. If the portrait is going to be handmade you can just see the delight that you bring out in their eyes.

7) Sentimental Value

7 Benefits of Gifting A Portrait to Your Loved Ones

Portraits are a colourful way of maintaining a diary. Every canvas talks about its own journey. Can you think of a more personalized gift than gifting a memory? 

A memory that does not only add to the sentimental value but grows over a person with time. 

Once it grows over the person, new houses will come and go but the portrait will take up the largest space both in their ever-changing houses and their hearts. 

It will add as a motivating factor for them and keep them going during their tough times. And it will also be a part of their merry-making and happiness. 

After all in the end, what matters is the inner significance of your gift, rather than the outer. So why not give something that complements both?

By gifting a portrait, you are gifting your efforts, emotions and a long-lasting treasure that will make your loved ones not only happy but will give them something to remember you with.   

Sometimes a wonderful gift can be gallery-wrapped!

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