7 Useful Tips to Save Yourself From Tick Bites

7 Useful Tips to Save Yourself From Tick Bites

Everyone loves a home with a garden view, but not many have the devotion and determination to nurture a beautiful garden. Tending to plants is an arduous task, and even the most enthusiastic gardeners struggle with the problem of pests. The foremost step must be to spot the signs of pests like ticks so that they can be managed by local tick control services such that they stay away from the confines of your home.

But, merely eliminating them from your home will not do the job, especially if you live in a grassy area, because you will still be vulnerable to tick bites while visiting outdoors. Therefore, we have listed seven tips that can prove to be effective in saving you from tick bites and the resultant medical conditions.

  1.     Cover yourself properly:

When you go outdoors, make sure that you cover yourself adequately so that ticks do not latch on to any part of your exposed skin.  Therefore, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants tucked inside socks. Moreover, opt for closed shoes and stay away from options like sandals and slippers. It is vital to cover your head as well; hence, wear a hat when possible.  

  1.    Wear light-colored clothes:

Living in a tick-infested neighborhood will considerably impact your clothing in terms of colors as well. You must always look to wear light-colored clothes when you go out because it is much easier to spot ticks on light-colored pants or shirts.

  1.     Put your clothes in a dryer:

Ticks are vulnerable to extreme dryness; therefore, put your clothes in the dryer and run the cycle for around five minutes to exterminate these sneaky buggers.

  1.     Stay away from areas with tall grass:

It would be best if you stay away from areas with wood piles and tall grass because when your legs brush against the bushes, ticks latch on your clothes or naked skin. Therefore, follow the developed trails and manicured lawns if you go out for a hike.


  1.    Protect your pets:

Protect your pets from ticks by taking them to a veterinary doctor during the tick season, and he may vaccinate them for common diseases like Lyme disease. Moreover, keep a comprehensive check on your pets when they come from outdoors. Check their bodies for ticks because ticks love to latch on to your furry buddies.

  1.     Treat your clothes:

Even if you are wearing full shirts and pants, ticks can still cling to their fibers; therefore, it is wise to treat your clothes with insecticides like permethrin, especially while going outdoors. As a result, permethrin will act on the ticks and will exterminate them.

  1.     Tick-proof your home:

Keep your yard well maintained by mowing the grass regularly and getting rid of any wood or leave piles to eliminate any potential habitat of ticks. Moreover, build a fence around your yard to keep wild animals like raccoons and stray dogs at bay because ticks often latch themselves on their bodies and ride them to your property.

*image credits: pexels.com

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