Pests have bothered almost everyone in this world whether he is rich or poor because they are capable of sneaking into the homes of even rich people no matter how stringent preventative measures they take. Be it your garden, your living room, or your bedroom; pests can wreak havoc in any area of your house.

There are various types of pests, and while some are relatively innocuous like ants, others are as dangerous as bed bugs such that they are incredibly tricky to handle. We have discussed here six vital tips for you so that you can do a better job in dealing with bed bug infestations

  1.     Identify the signs:

If you have woken up with reddish welts on your back, do not shrug it off because they can be bed bug bites. Moreover, keep checking your bedding every day to locate any signs of bed bugs, which usually are black dots or rust-colored stains of their feces.

Also, if you happen to smell a strong stench around your bed, it can be originating from the decomposing dead bodies and feces. Lastly, bed bugs shed their shells as a part of their lifecycle, and if you happen to locate some of them near your bedding, be assured that your bedroom is infested.

  1.     Vacuum your home:

Do not only vacuum those places in your home where you have found evidentiary support for infestation. Instead, take those places as a warning and go a step ahead in quarantining all parts of your home. Therefore, vacuum every nook, cranny, and crack of your home in an attempt to ensure a thorough cleaning activity.

  1.     Limit the infestation:

After you have identified various signs of bed bugs and have vacuumed everything in your home, the first thing you must do is limit the spread of bed bugs. Bed bugs are active travelers, and they get high on infesting as much of your home as possible. Therefore, seal all the infested items with plastic bags such that no little bugger can sneak through the packing.

  1.     Expose the infested items to high temperatures:

Unload all the washables like bedding, linen, curtains, and pillow covers in the washing machine and let them run in a hot water cycle for at least thirty minutes. The wisdom behind exposing infested items to hot water is that bed bugs cannot withstand scorching temperatures.

As far as non-washable items are concerned, you can take them out in the sunlight and let them bathe in intensive heat and that will exterminate the bed bugs. Moreover, you can also use steam mops to apply high temperatures directly to the infested areas.

  1.     Expose the infested items to low temperatures:

Like high temperatures, bed bugs cannot withstand incredibly low temperatures as well as their bodies become inactive and eventually disintegrate. Therefore, it would be advisable to put infested items in freezers where their assailants can be put to rest once and for all.

  1.     Use natural and artificial killers:

Do not immediately resort to synthetic compounds like bug bombs and pest sprays, as some natural alternatives can work just fine. One such compound is diatomaceous earth, which has crystalline molecules that shred the insides of bed bugs and kill them instantly. If it does not work, you can resort to synthetic compounds that are present in various pesticides and bug bombs.

Be aware the bed bugs are incredibly tricky to handle, and if the situation seems out of hand, immediately call the professionals because they are well-rehearsed in handling such situations.