A Beginner’s Guide To Brain Training

A Beginner's Guide To Brain Training

If you want bigger muscles, you lift weights. So, it stands to reason that you should also train your brain if you want it to get bigger, right? Well, yes and no. The size of your brain won’t increase, but you can improve your cognitive function and many other aspects of your intelligence. Brain training should be part of everyone’s daily schedule, particularly if you want to improve your memory, get better at retaining information, and develop your thought processing. 

The question is, how do you train your brain? It’s a lot simpler than you might think! Here are a few easy examples of brain training in action:

Start exercising

Yes, you can train your brain while training the rest of your body at the same time! This is because exercise requires a lot of brainpower and cognitive function. For example, imagine you are doing some lunges with weights. Your brain has to activate the right muscles to contract and relax to allow you to lift that weight. Not only that, but it also has to work on your balance to prevent you from falling to the side. There are lots of other examples of your brain working hard while you work out. Some athletes use reaction drills in their training to really kickstart their mental aptitude. 

Play puzzles

Puzzles are really effective at training your brain and boosting loads of different mental functions. You can find loads of things like PennyDell Puzzles that will train your mind. We’re talking about crosswords, sudokus, and so on. Puzzles like this will teach you how to solve problems while also helping with memory. You have to try and remember information for crossword answers, and figure out how the puzzles match. Other puzzles are also excellent for different reasons. Something like a Rubik’s cube works super well at honing your ability to concentrate and focus. I also think puzzles are great for your mental health as they can help you forget about stress and anxiety for a few minutes a day. Take your mind off everything else and immerse yourself in some tricky puzzles. 

Learn something new

Lastly, the best way to train your brain is by learning new things all the time. Essentially, this is how our brains progress and develop when we’re young. Think about it, everything you did as a child was technically new to you. Learning to walk, learning to speak, learning to read, etc. It gets your brain to do new things and trigger different signal pathways throughout your body. So, take the same approach as an adult and learn something new as often as possible. A great place to start is by learning a new language. Then, perhaps you commit to learning a new skill every month? Again, we can go back to the comparison between mental training and physical training of your muscles. After a while, your muscles adapt to your training and you stop seeing results. So, you have to shock them with a different training routine to break through the plateau. It’s the same with your brain; if you never learn new things, your brain won’t develop!

Hopefully, these ideas will help you train your brain like never before. As a result, you should see improvements in things like information retention, problem-solving, concentration, and much more. 

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