Healthy and Delicious Plant Protein Puffs

Healthy and Delicious Plant Protein Puffs

If there ever was a person who needed protein snacks right now, it’s yours truly.  First, my dad caught COVID-19 (which he’s still suffering from and having ongoing issues from). It was touch and go and we’re not even sure he’ll ever fully recover. Then my back went on lockdown and I couldn’t move. When that happens, it’s like the metal in my back locks up. I just have to wait it out. Then my youngest daughter who is a single mother was injured in a fall and was unable to use either of her legs. It’s been a wild two months, to put it mildly. I feel like I could not catch my breath for a minute before something else happened. Needless to say, it’s been a rushed year and we’re only halfway through the first two weeks of the first month.

I finally realized when I was harboring on pure exhaustion, that I had to stop and make a plan to eat healthily, sleep better, and look out for my complete well-being. I started by adding more protein to my diet.

I won’t go all into my (failed) back surgery but I will say that the results from it are a never-ending issue.  My bones, muscles, and nerves refuse to heal around the area and the pain is so severe at times, it’s difficult just to breathe and make it through to the next minute.  My goal this year is to get my pain under control better (I have a new doctor who I will be seeing this month for the first time).  I’ve added water to my diet. Water hydrates my brain and I’m able to think a lot more clearly even when the pain is high. And of course, if you want bones and muscles to heal, you need protein.  So, I’ve been looking for ways to add more protein to my diet.  That’s when HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs came into my life.

Healthy and Delicious Plant Protein Puffs

After trying all of the different types of puffs, by the time I ate my 3rd, 4th, and 5th one, I was hooked. Nacho Cheese is my favorite in case you’re wondering, but I will continue to purchase the variety pack because my taste changes from week to week. What made the HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs even better was knowing I was giving my body what it needs to heal PLUS it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed the energy to get through the trying times. These crunchy treats are made with plant-based protein. There are no Genetically Engineered Ingredients whatsoever in the puffs.  You also won’t find Preservatives. What you will find is dairy and for those who have gluten intolerance, the protein puffs are Gluten Free.  Because these are plant-based snacks I feel like I”m getting more protein into my diet naturally.

2021 is starting to look up and I’m attributing that to less stress from taking care of my basic body needs.

If you need a pick-me-upper snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon like I do, or if you’re snacking on the go, I would encourage you to try HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs.  Please note, if you click on my link, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

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