Autumn & Winter 2018/19 Makeup Trends

Autumn & Winter 2018/19 Makeup Trends

Like fashion, makeup trends come and go, influencing the products we buy and the techniques we use across our beauty regimes. While there is no specific need to keep pace with these trends, they can be a lot of fun to engage with, adding new depth to your existing makeup usage as well as adding a few exciting new products to the mix.

If you’re a fan of keeping pace with beauty and makeup trends, then you’re in luck; we’ve put together a simple guide to the major beauty trends for fall and winter 2018/19 – which of these do you think you’ll want to try first?

#1 – Glitter all the way


Glitter has always been a popular feature of fall and winter makeup trends, but this season has seen the usage of glitter expand even further. The most common way of using glitter is on the eyes, but glitter is now making its way beyond the eye area – the Giambattista Valli models, for example, wore glitter over their entire faces. While replicating this exact look isn’t suitable for most of us, you can nod to the style by wearing glitter eyeshadow, then adding an extra dusting of glitter over your cheeks and lips also.

#2 – Color blocking

The “color block” trend of recent years has primarily focused on fashion, but its influence has also been felt in homewares and now, via the likes of Peter Pilotto runway shows, in makeup.

For those unfamiliar, color blocking is essentially seeking to wear vibrant colors together, almost seeking a deliberate clash – pink and red, for example, or orange and blue. Given that most makeup tips tend to focus on colors that are related to one another – or at least in the same shade range, – this is quite a distinct change and could signal a new wave of inventiveness for those who like to experiment with recent looks.

Thankfully, the look is easy to recreate; opt for an eyeshadow palette from the likes of the AVON makeup range and pick a strong shade; a bright blue or vivid orange. Then, look for a lipstick that is an entirely different color; a dark purple or a deep, berry red. For the rest of your makeup, keep it simple and demure, using the two bright, contrasting colors as focal points.

#3 – Stripped back and minimalist


On the opposite end of the spectrum, some designers opted for a “barely there” look, focusing on stripped back and minimal makeup. This choice was something of a surprise, given that fall and winter are usually the seasons when makeup trends go all out – but it’s nice to have a runway style that can be emulated in order to produce a look that is still suitable for the office.

The simplest way to achieve this look is to be literal, wearing as little makeup as possible and allowing your natural skin to shine through. Alternatively, you could opt for a “no makeup makeup” look, where you use products to enhance natural features and correct any perceived flaws.

#4 – Colorful lashes

For most women, choosing the color of mascara is a relatively simple choice; you either opt for black or brown.

However, Dries Van Noten is among the designers who have very much decided that the “black or brown” choice is no longer sufficient, having featured brightly colored lashes throughout their fall show. In truth, this is not the first time that colorful mascara has attempted to break the mainstream; the trend has never really taken off in ‘real life’ – but perhaps this time is the charm?

If you decide to give it a try, you have two options. The most common way of using colorful mascara is to opt for neutral, simple eyeshadow and eyeliner, so the mascara is able to stand out all the more. Alternatively, you could combine two trends and opt to color block, choosing two vastly different colors for your mascara and eyeshadow. It might well be worth experimenting and seeing which option you feel is best for you.

#5 – Bright eyes


A number of designers – Versace and Tommy Hilfiger among them – focused heavily on the bright eyes of their models, a trend that is well worth emulating. For the most part, the designer looks focused on using bright white eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

For most makeup fans, this technique may sound familiar – and indeed, it is familiar. Women have been using white eyeliner and eyeshadow to brighten their eyes for decades; you can see an example of this in the image above, with the white used on the inner corner in order to create the illusion of width. However, the designer looks took this to the extreme, extending the reach of the white, adding shimmer and even glitter to emphasize the effect.

If you want to emulate this style, apply eye primer as normal, and then add white eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye, but extend the color further onto the eyelid itself – potentially even as far as the center. You can then add a contrasting color – dark colors such as black, purple, or deep brown work particularly well – to the rest of the eyelid, creating an almost two-tone effect.

#5 – Gold accents and flecks on the eyes

Finally, a more unusual note, but one you might want to try if you’re attending any holiday parties: gold accents and flecks, which were worn by the Akris models.

Unfortunately, emulating the Akris look exactly will likely result in discomfort; it’s possible to use gold flakes around your eyes, but this is not for the faint-hearted – not only do the flakes require precision to apply, but they are also liable to dislodge, and may irritate your eyes as a result. Instead, you may find it easier to more nod to the look rather than copy it directly, with the tutorial in this video a nice, wearable version:

In conclusion

Following along with the trends mentioned above can at a fun, stylish twist to your makeup routine this fall and winter – enjoy!

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