Japan Makeup Trends to Follow in 2020

Japan Makeup Trends to Follow in 2020

Some of the most fashion-forward makeup trends are born in Japan.

People around the world have been catching on to these makeup trends. Selfies of people flaunting these lovely looks are going viral on all platforms of social media, so you don’t want to get left in the dark.

Here are the most iconic Japan makeup trends that you need to know and follow!


These days, less is more (especially when it comes to Japanese beauty).

The beauty trend of light foundation or tinted moisturizer paired with a few strokes of mascara and a dab of lip gloss is becoming hot.

We love the minimalist makeup look because it’s light, shows off our natural beauty, and can easily be an everyday look.


Pastels are hot this year and in Japan, pastels are making an appearance on the face!

When scrolling through the hottest Japanese influencers’ posts, you’ll find an abundance of pale yellow, lilac, baby pink, and periwinkle eyeshadow. These darling shades allow a soft, girly look that compliments every eye color!

Want to experiment with pastel mascara, too? Don’t shy away from blue and pink mascara; it can truly up the ante on your makeup look and is so fashion-forward.

Peachy Blush

Speaking of pastels, you should try your hand at some pastel blushes.

Blush is huge in 2020. Pick out a light coral, baby pink, or even lilac blush and be a part of this adorable trend!

Swipe the light-toned blush across the apples of your cheeks and then run it along the very tip of your nose. This will give you a little sun-kissed look which has been growing popular the past few months, especially within J-beauty trends.

Clear and Glowy Skin

Everyone needs to be on board with the trend of staying hydrated and drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. That’s the key to this makeup trend!

Clean, glowing skin with a dewy finish can be achieved by drinking distilled water. Want pure distilled water without the hassle? Check out the eco-friendly Durastill water distiller and get 8 gallons of water purified every day.

Once you’ve achieved clear skin, use a liquid highlighter to enhance the natural glow of your face. Simply take a small amount on your finger and dab it onto your cheekbones, paying close attention to detail as you blend it out to appear natural.

Natural Ingredients

Artificial is officially out! This clean, organic trend is taking the world by storm.

Lots of Japanese makeup companies make their products with all-natural, organic ingredients that are pure and safe on human skin. Using these clean products on your face can help promote cleaner, less irritated skin!

Try These Japan Makeup Trends

Ditch your current makeup routine and get on board with these flattering Japan makeup trends. Who knows, you might find a new favorite product or find these looks suit you well!

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