Casey Anthony Back in the News

Casey Anthony Back in the News

Threescore and ten years ago… I don’t know if anyone was crazy as a bat like I was ten years ago when the Casey Anthony trial was going on but I was obsessed with watching the news 24/7 during that time. In my mind, I had her guilty and hanged before it finally came to an end. I didn’t know that side of me existed. When it comes to kids, I’m a mother hen. Not just to my own kids, but any kids. There is a reason I’m not an attorney in Georgia or anywhere else, well besides the fact that I chose nursing as my career, it’s because I would never be able to defend someone that I felt was guilty. And although everyone is innocent until proven otherwise, I, to this day, believe she’s as guilty as a person can be. But that’s not a call I can make, nor can I pass judgment on her. But her lawyers did what they were hired to do which was to defend her and cast doubt. They did their jobs well, very well I might add because she walked away a free woman. She was acquitted for lying but not for the murder of her daughter. I thought of nothing else during the following weeks.

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I put her out of my mind as best I could but every year I Google her name to see what her life is like. There are some things that have stood out to me about her since the news first broke and just in the past few days, her photography business folded. I’m not sure if it’s related, but she’s going back to court. Want to hear all of the juicy Casey Anthony gossips since her trial? I was hoping you’d say yes! Keep reading while I catch you up on everything Casey Anthony.


1. She got a dog. It is unclear if she still has said dog.

2. After being in hiding following her trial, Casey Anthony appeared in a video (vlog) diary on YouTube in which everyone believes she leaked to the public. It was a diary of her life at the time. What angered many when it was discovered, was the amount of time she referenced herself while making the video, but not once did she mention her daughter who everyone believed (still believes) she murdered. Talk about being narcissistic. She is the true definition. R.I.P. Caylee. To this day she has never acknowledged who Caylee’s father is.

3. Her judge during the trial speaks out with his version of events . During a public interview, he said he believes she did kill her daughter accidentally when she knocked her out with chloroform so she could go party. How is this not a crime?

4. Her lawyer admits Casey Anthony killed her child and hid the body. Refer back to “I would never be able to defend someone that I felt was guilty.

5. She attended an anti-Trump protest at Mar-a-Lago.

6. She gave a strange interview/strong> and vowed she was innocent.

7. She started an photography business. I personally wouldn’t want her near my kids. But that’s just my opinion.

7. Her estranged parents gave a heated interview and fought between themselves during it.

8. One of her attornies will spend 15 years behind bars after his conviction.

9. Her photography business dissolved after 3 years.

10. Casey Anthony may finally (it was put on hold in 2013 when she filed bankruptcy) go to trial for claiming the meter man who found her daughter Caylee’s dead body, was the one that killed her.

That’s the down low on all thing Casey Anthony to date. Do you have anything you’d like to add to my list?


  1. I never heard this case but, hopefully there is a learning for this. People should be awaken. Sad, but there are things that we can’t control and let it happened.

  2. What a terrible story! I think I heard about this Case once I’m not so sure. I still can’t wrap my head around how evil some people are and what drives them, and to think that she walked away Free is just horrible.

  3. It’s so crazy that some people walk away from such saddening and disgusting crimes. I will never understand how she was viewed as not guilty. Watching her behavior after, just puts up even more red flags. That poor baby! Give it to someone, so many people would have taken her in, and loved her! I just can’t comprehend what goes through some of these parents minds. So sad.

  4. What an eye-opening post! When she was on the news back in the day, that’s all I would watch. I was obsessed with her case–at one point, I was trying to find clues myself to prove she was guilty! She is a total narcissist and this whole case is unfair. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. This was definitely a highly publicized case at the time. I haven’t really thought about her since then, but at the time I was so upset about this whole thing. That poor little girl. So tragic.

  6. This is definitely a sad case. I didn’t know these things you shared about. Really sucks. 🙁

  7. I remember being obsessed with this on the news as well! That poor little girl, still tragic and sad to this day! I would never be able to defend someone who is guilty or I believe to be guilty, especially when a child is involved!

  8. Oh wow I have never heard of this story before. This is such a confusing case it is hard to know who to believe.

  9. I can’t believe it was so long ago! I remember watching this like it was yesterdy

  10. Oh wow, I have not heard of this story. There is so much that goes on. Wow! Hope they get to the bottom of this, completely.

  11. Reading this left me so curious about Casey as well that I will GOogle her after this.

  12. I have not heard about this horrendous story. Say what? She had her in chloroform just to go party and that the decision was in favor of her? How can she live day by day with that?

  13. I haven’t hear this story yet but this is somewhat interesting. I hope that the truth will come out, poor girl a very sad story.

  14. I remember hearing about this case. I definitely have to go back and re-read, such a sad thing.


  15. how interesting is this and sad too! now im curious!

  16. I remember this story. It was so heartbreaking. It’s just so sad.

  17. Ugh, it hurts my heart that this poor little girl never got justice. I am not trying to judge someone but Casey Anthony seemed like she had a few screws loose to me!

  18. To think that no one was charge for the death of the girl is wrong. This case and the Ramsey case both get to me.

  19. Ugh I can’t stand her! I’m also upset if she really did get a dog because ya know I’m a dog mom and if she killed her daughter why wouldn’t she kill a dog?

  20. Thank you for this detailed information. It’s really interesting to learn more about

  21. Doesn’t she run a Mummy group on Facebook as well? Or perhaps used to? I always seems like she’s up to something.

  22. I completely agree with you, I would never be able to defend someone that I thought was guilty. I don’t know how people do it.

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