If you love boho half as much as I do, I think you’ll really love these boho boards on Pinterest. Boho clothing has been around for as long as I can remember and it never seems to go out of style. I’d even go so far as to say that the bohemian chic style is timeless. Well, that may be a stretch. I grew up during the hippie stage and I’ve always enjoyed loose, flowing, layered comfortable style of boho chic clothes. Ever since I joined Pinterest, that love has grown. I’m obsessed, I kid you not. Late at night when I can’t sleep, I browse boho boards on Pinterest. I thought you might like to follow some of my favorite boards where I get my most inspiration from.

I’m going to start and end with mine because they’re fabulous (hee hee). Of course, I might be partial but have a look for yourself. Pinterest has featured me a few times which is always exciting. If you like what you see, please hit the follow button under each of the 5 below boards. I’ve provided a link to each pinner to check out their other boards if you so desire.

1. Shabby Chic Boho

2. Lucia Flores

3. Allison Hall

4. Rebecca Hitlin-Newton

5. Shabby Chic Boho

5 Best Boho Boards on Pinterest


  1. This is such a fun read. Boho look is very refreshing. Your outfit indeed, matches your idea. Very nice.

  2. These looks great! The Pinterest boards have beautiful photo collection. I love it!

  3. Boho is sooo my style! I love actually follow one of these boards! Thanks for sharing love!

  4. All of those Pinterest boards are pretty amazing there. I do love the boho styles. I will have to check out these and a few more.

  5. I love this look. I’ve never dressed this way, but love the way it looks on others.

  6. I love everything boho chic. Pinterest is one of my obsessions. I mean, who doesn’t love Pinterest!

  7. Pinterest is such a great resource, especially when it comes to fashion. I will definitely be checking these boards out.

  8. On indeed I love boho chic. Love that one by Lucia Flores. Is that really her in all the pictures? I really like easy get ups and styles.

  9. I was never aware that there was a whole Boho Chic style until I found some nail wraps with that name and I loved them! I’m from Illinois and the only person I know who dresses that way is my friend’s mom. Although, now that I think about it, more styles like this are coming out in my daughter’s size and I always wish they had something similar in the women’s department.

  10. Wow and wow, these boho boards are so great from the hair up to the clothes and the furniture are all beautiful. I will definitely share this to my friends and I am sure they will like it.

  11. These boho boards are great, and what a great look! I’ll have to share these with my friends!

  12. Such cute clothes. I love that these looks are all in one place for me to reference again.

  13. I love the Boho hair board! My hair definitely screams Boho but my style not so much. I do love the boho style though. It’s so carefree and flowy. l love it!

  14. This is totally a new concept to me. I’m not much into fashion, but these outfits are gorgeous.

  15. Thanks for sharing. I have shared this with my wife. I have zero sense of fashion so…

  16. Nothing like Pinterest to make you find great ideas and these are fab too. Still don’t know what my style is I should look into this.

  17. I love finding new board on pinterest to try so I’ll have to check these out! Love getting a bit of boho vibe inspo!

  18. Nice! I’ve always liked the Boho look. I’ll be checking out these boards for sure.

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