Catering Equipment Shopping List

Catering Equipment Shopping List

If you own a hotel or any sort of other catering business, or you simply want to turn your kitchen into a pro environment. then you will need a wealth of catering equipment – no matter how big or small your business is. When buying these products from catering equipment suppliers you usually concern yourself with the necessities and you try to add a little bit of style along the way. After all, keeping to a stringent theme is important. But aside from this you also need to concern yourself with efficiency too. 

This is what business is all about at the end of the day. You have to use the tools at your disposal in order to retrieve the maximum gain. And this is no different when it comes to catering. You need the tools at your disposal to produce quality food in a timely manner for all of your guests. It is also worth noting that because hotels are generally a lot bigger than other food places the need for efficiency becomes heightened. 

There are numerous catering equipment tools that every hotel should use in order to achieve convenience and smooth running in their kitchens. Click for more information on catering equipment and tools. A commercial meat mincer is a highly recommended product. If you source a top quality and heavy duty mincer then you will benefit from maximum output. This means that if Spaghetti Bolognese is the order of the day then you won’t have any trouble producing it quickly and deliciously. 

And who can forget about a vegetable preparation machine? This makes life much, much easier, especially with the proliferation of vegan diet restaurants today. After all, most meals are served with either cooked vegetables or salad. Cutting up all of the cucumbers, peppers, onions, carrots, and alike can be an absolute nightmare. It may be easy to do but it is highly time consuming. If you use a vegetable preparation machine then you will have everything ready to cook in a matter of seconds.

Another highly recommended product is a food temperature probe. Can you imagine serving food to your guests that is cold in the middle? It would be a disaster for your hotel’s reputation. Using a temperature probe is the easiest way to check that your food is cooked to the proper temperature all the way through. If you don’t use this you will need to cut a small slice into the meat in order to check the temperature manually. This will take a lot of your time and can spoil the presentation of your dish if it is not done properly. 

And last but not least you should add a planetary mixer to your shopping list. This mixer achieves extreme efficiency because not only is it great for cutting down time but it is also suited to an array of diverse foods. If you are going to make a pizza, a pie, a pasty, battered cod, amongst many other things, then the planetary mixer is ideal. This utensil is great for making dough and batter. It cuts down the time dramatically in comparison to if you were going to try and do this manually. Your customers would be waiting for hours whilst you manually knead the dough and alike. A planetary mixer offers ultimate efficiency.

The four tools mentioned in this article should be at the top of your catering equipment suppliers list. You will be able to scale down the cooking time dramatically and provide fantastic dishes that will make your hotel guests come back for more time and time again.

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