What You Should Consider Before Starting Wedding Planning

What You Should Consider Before Starting Wedding Planning

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is a daunting, stressful and potentially expensive task. However, it can actually be really fun and exciting if you get all of your plans and thoughts in order before you begin.

Below you’ll find some handy tips to help you consider important factors before you start planning your wedding.

How much time do you need?

Before you jump into setting a date and send out your wedding invitations, figure out how much time you need to plan the wedding, and be realistic. You may decide you don’t want a long engagement, and you’d prefer to tie the knot ASAP. In this case, your wedding plans will be influenced to fit the time constraints.

Think about how your timeline will influence your plans, i.e. you may need to sacrifice your dream venue, and it may be too short-notice for certain guests to attend. If you’re wanting a big, extravagant wedding, obviously give yourself at least a year! But if you’re going for a small, clean, simple affair then 6 months is ideal.

You know yourself, so be honest with yourself about your needs. If your job is hectic and your life is stressful already, then give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the process without panic.

What You Should Consider Before Starting Wedding Planning

What does your partner want?

Make sure you check in with what your partner wants. You might be lucky in the sense that they say “whatever you want is great for me!”, because then you can simply go ahead and make the plans. Sit down together and get a sense of what you both want, so you can plan a wedding which represents the both of you, as a couple and as individuals.

How much do you want to spend?

This may seem incredibly obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people go completely over budget when shopping and planning. Be realistic about how much money you have to contribute to your wedding, and come up with a definite figure. Then you can allocate that money out to venue, food, drinks, entertainment, and of course…your wedding dress! Once your budget has been detailed, you can start to write plans and shopping lists which will keep you on track. You’ll end up with the wedding you want, without a huge debt or drained bank account.

How big do you want the guestlist to be?

Figuring out how big you want your wedding to be actually feeds into all of your other decisions. The guestlist will determine your venue choice and your budget. It will also influence your timeline, as a large wedding guestlist requires more time in advance for people to find accomodation, if they are coming from far away. Sit down with your partner and decide whether you want to keep it strictly to family and very close friends, or if you want to extend the list out to include more people.

What kind of aesthetic and atmosphere do you want?

The aesthetic and atmosphere you decide on will influence every decision. Not only will it influence the decisions you make, but it will help your wedding party and guests make their plans too. For example; if you decide on a cocktail-hour vibe, your mom can find a selection of mother of the bride dresses to fit the tone. This will help to narrow down everyone’s shopping expeditions for an easier and less time-consuming exercise. Use your wedding invitations to communicate to your guests what they should expect and what they should plan for.

What is your overall goal?

Again, this is the time to sit down with your partner and get to the crux of what you want your wedding to be. You may both decide that the most important part is to share your love and have your family as a witness to your new life together. In which case, all of the other details might fade into the background and all you desire is a simple wedding. You might decide that it’s a great opportunity for you both to gather your friends and family together for a fun, love-filled reunion. In this case, you’ll need more time to figure out the logistics of a large venue, accomodation, and a budget large enough to serve everyone!

Once you’ve figured out what your wedding means to you both, you can go ahead and plan it accordingly, with a clear vision in mind.


Before you start planning your wedding, sit down with your partner and agree on the timeline, the guest list, the budget and the aesthetic. Once you have a concise outline, you can go ahead and begin to plan your wedding with a clear vision in mind. This will make the wedding planning process smooth, enjoyable and successful.

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