Christmas Treats: All Glorious Things Of Lemon

Since time immemorial, lemon has been one of the best ingredients in food. But, it’s always been underrated. It’s not included in as many recipes because lemons have a very intense flavor. But, when they are included in the mix, they’re usually the star of the show. Lemon brings out the flavor in many meat dishes due to its high acidity. Italian herb chicken is not complete until you’ve showered the herbs and the meat with lemon juice. Lemon is the key to many of the best desserts. It’s used all around the world for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During Christmas time, it’s the perfect festive ingredient because it balances out the spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. These are just some of the glorious lemon treats you can make this Christmas.

A Scottish classic

Shortbread is enjoyed around the world for it’s buttery, crumbly and sugary flavor. It’s also a classic Scottish favorite because it’s filling and gives you plenty of calories. However, it’s plenty versatile too. You can make shortbread with chocolate, marshmallows, cherries and almost any kind of crushed nut topping. However, this Christmas you should make lemon icing shortbread biscuits. For the icing, you’ll need powdered sugar, whipped cream, and some lemon juice. Mix this together and allow it to sit at room temperature. When you make the batter, remember to use high-quality butter but it should be unsalted. When the biscuits have been baked, take them out of the oven and with a piping bag, put the lemon icing on top. Allow them to rest in the fridge until the icing sets and then put them in a biscuit tin ready to eat on Christmas day.

Enjoying the party

The alcohol will be in full flow when the music starts playing in your house. So, you need something special to go with it. You may want to try this recipe for the best lemon drop martini. The lemon will make the drink slightly bittersweet but coupled with the vodka, they both balance each other out. This is a cocktail you will want to serve with savory snacks. Perhaps a cheese and ham quiche or sausage rolls will do nicely. Remember to use fresh lemon for the juice, don’t buy a bottle of lemon juice, it won’t taste as good! The sugar around the rim is going to take the edge off the alcohol and tone down the acidity of the lemon. All in all, it’s just three ingredients but it’s very well balanced. 

All the way from Sicily

The classic Sicilian lemon tart is known the world over. It’s rich, creamy, light and smooth in texture. This is something that you will need to make beforehand and freeze so you can lock in the flavor ready for serving. It’s a mixture of ricotta and cream, made with eggs and caster sugar. Again, make sure you use fresh lemons and you will want the zest. 

Lemon dessert has always been one of the best dishes for Christmas. But you can also make lemon shortbread for a lunch snack and lemon martini for when it gets dark and it’s time to party. 

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