Company Formation in Australia – What you Need to Know

Company Formation in Australia – What you Need to Know

If you are thinking of setting up a company in Australia, there are numerous requirements that you will have to meet. The Corporations Act of 2001, all companies, whether private or public, must have at least one resident director, that is a director who resides in Australia. Indeed, private companies require a minimum of one person who is a registered Resident Director (s201A (1)).

Specialist Company Formation Companies

A foreign investor looking for Australia Resident Director services can find what they’re looking for with a Google search. Such an organisation can provide trustworthy registered Australian citizens to take on the role of Resident Director for your business. 

What are the Resident Director’s Duties?

The appointee would perform the following duties:

  • Signing of official company documents.
  • To act as a representative for the shareholders in compliance with Australian law.
  • Liaise with authorities and regulatory boards.
  • To provide legal advice on the Australian business sector.

Resident Company Secretary

Your legal partner can provide an appointee to carry out the following:

  • Planning and managing shareholder and board meetings.
  • Preparing official documents for lodgement.
  • Keeping statutory registers.
  • Providing compliance advice.

Experienced appointees are ready to act on your behalf, you can start the process by searching online for an established Australian organisation that focuses on resident director services and government compliance. They offer many services that foreign businesspeople require when entering the Australian market. If you are planning to relocate to Australia, here is an informative article on maintaining mental health while living abroad.

Resident Public Officer

This position acts as a liaison with the ATO;

  • Handle correspondence and communication with ATO.
  • Is the authorised representative of the company.
  • Signs the official returns that are lodged with the ATO.

Non-Residents Can be Company Directors

Providing the non-resident meets the requirements for directorship; talk to a leading Australian company formation specialist for more details. They have the connections to assist you in many ways while offering sound business advice when entering the Australian market.

Essential Compliance Services

There are companies that are totally focused on helping foreign business investors meet the range of compliance criteria and when you make contact, they are very approachable and quick to schedule an informal video call to discuss your immediate and long-term needs. A large pool of experienced Resident Directors, Resident Company Secretaries and Resident Public Officers are ready to manage your company and ensure total compliance.

Free introductory evaluation

If you are planning to set up a company in Australia and are unsure how to proceed, start by searching the web for a specialist company and you can arrange a free video call with one of their professionals to discuss your plans. They can advise you on every aspect of company formation in Australia and they are transparent regarding pricing and can get things done in good time. 

It is important to seek local advice when looking to formulate a company in a foreign country; non-compliance can have serious long-term consequences and that is the last thing you want. The Australian government welcomes foreign investment and there are many incentives in place to attract foreign entrepreneurs.

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