Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your Business Premises Clean and Comfortable

Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your Business Premises Clean and Comfortable

No matter the size of your business, it is vital to keep your office clean and comfortable. It is a place where you spend much of your time, so you want it to be as pleasant as possible. Plus, employees will have a better working environment, leading to increased productivity. In this article, we will go over five tips that can help you keep your offices looking good and smelling fresh!


1 Keep desks organised 

Your desk is the first thing people see when they enter your office. If it’s cluttered and messy, that will give them a negative impression of you, even if that isn’t the case! Make sure everything has its place so you can find it easily whenever needed. Also, make sure to keep frequently used items within sight but not block traffic paths or get in anyone’s way. Don’t let papers pile up on top of each other – instead, use folders for easy access. You could also invest in some document storage boxes, which would help organise important documents into categories. Utilise drawer dividers as well to help yourself stay organised at all times. Every little compartment will have something inside, making everything look neater.

2 Set regular cleaning schedules for cleaners 

If you have cleaners, make sure to set up regular cleaning schedules, so they know when it’s their turn. It is always good practice for them to clean daily or at least twice per week, depending on how busy your office gets throughout the day. That way, every little corner of your place will be left spotless and fresh! You can also follow advice from experts who recommend keeping rooms with higher traffic levels cleaner than others. This is because people are more likely to notice dirty areas making it essential not to overlook these while scheduling cleans. Alternatively, if you don’t have any scheduled cleans in place – take the initiative yourself by doing this once per week after lunchtime rush has passed through the building.

3 Utilise the services of a duct cleaning company 

Did you know that if your heating and ventilation system is not working correctly, this could be the reason why your business offices seem stuffy? Well, a duct cleaning service can help with that. A company specialising in these services like DUCTZ will check every inch of the air conditioning/heating unit to ensure it’s up to scratch. They’ll also clean all internal components so nothing gets clogged, which would result in bad quality air being blown into office spaces. Your employees’ health should always come first! That is why investing in such a service makes perfect sense as they’d benefit from having fresh and clean air inside their workplace – something we don’t often think about but have a significant impact on our overall well-being at work!

4 Put waste disposal systems in place    

No one likes to see rubbish lying around, especially if it’s close to where they’re working. It makes the area look untidy and can be pretty off-putting. Not to mention that it can also be dangerous if someone trips over a bag of waste or something sharp is sticking out from the top! To avoid this, put a waste disposal system in place. This means having designated areas for people to dispose of their rubbish – whether that is through bins or sacks. Make sure these are emptied regularly, so your workplace stays clean and fresh at all times. If you have any recycling needs, make sure those are catered for as well!

5 Archive old documentation 

Old documentation is more than likely taking up precious space you could be using for other things. It’s essential to keep your business filing system organised so that nothing gets lost – but at the same time, it’s beneficial to get rid of old documents which are no longer needed or relevant. Ask yourself whether each piece has any value, and if there isn’t an answer, then it might just be worth getting rid of them altogether! If you need some help organising this task, make sure to ask a company specialising in document storage services as they’ll know how best to handle different kinds of records keeping systems.

You can do many things to make your offices appear cleaner and more comfortable. Of course, the key is finding a good routine that works for everyone to keep them clean regularly without too much disruption. Everyone deserves to feel productive at work; having an untidy environment will only result in inconvenience, making it harder for people to focus on the task.

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