Elevate your Breasts through Breast Reconstruction

Elevate your Breasts through Breast Reconstruction

After giving birth, women’s breasts sag due to the weakening of breast muscles. The saggy breast may depreciate your self-esteem in one way or another. Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic technique used by plastic surgeons to remodel your breasts. Despite breast reconstruction improving your breast beauty, breast cancer is also prevented. There are varieties of techniques that may be used to reconstruct your breast. These techniques make use of implants and non-implants. The breast implant technique involves the use of a silicon device while non-implants involve the use of your body components like fat. For breast reconstruction consult Dr. Talal Munasifi. Below is how you should prepare before undergoing reconstruction.

How to get prepared for breast reconstruction

Consult your surgeon for at least a week before the plastic surgery. These visits enable you to build up courage and familiarize yourself with the doctor. It is also vital to get a doctor who is experienced in breast reconstruction strategies. The doctor will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of both implants and non-implants reconstruction. Some surgeons may show their patients photos of the previous reconstruction of different people. A full body examination is done to check whether you have some underlying factors that may hide you from having breast reconstruction. Conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes may not interact with medicines used during reconstructions. The surgeon will probably suggest anesthesia and the location of making the incisions. After a brief talk with your surgeon, some instructions will be admitted to you prior to the day of surgery. 

The main procedure of breast reconstruction

After a brief talk, the doctor can decide to do the surgery immediately or after some days. Your doctor will begin by placing implants or tissues to expand your breasts. Reconstruction procedures require a set of operations, thus it takes some hours to complete. For implant breast reconstruction, your surgeon uses silicone shells with a gel inside them. According to research, silicon shell implants are considered safer than other methods of implants. The surgeon places the silicone device at the front or behind the chest muscles holding them together with acellular dermal matrix tissues. After some time, the breast tissues are replaced by the use of collagen.

On the other hand, you can undergo non-implant breast reconstruction. The surgeon uses your body components like fat to reconstruct your breasts. First, the doctor grafts excess fat from your thighs, belly, or buttocks. Local anesthesia is done before the fat grafting process. A centrifugal device is used to process the grafted fact to remove impurities that may be available. The liquid fat is then injected into the breast for reconstruction. You may have one larger breast than the other. This technique can also be used to re-balance your breasts. One benefit of breast reconstruction is that Breast cancer is treated and managed.

Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic process used to re-shape your breasts. Despite beauty purposes, breast cancer is also treated, managed, and prevented from dominating. For more information about breast reconstruction, consult the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center.

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