Essential Questions to Ask Before Getting a BBL

Essential Questions to Ask Before Getting a BBL

If you plan on getting a Brazilian butt lift, you should use your initial consultation to get answers to all of your questions. Asking questions prepares you for the procedure and gives you a chance to determine if you really want to get the procedure. The following are some important questions to ask before your BBL surgery.

1.      How Many Brazilian Butt Lifts Have You Performed?

No one wants a surgeon that is going to use them as practice. Ideally, you should work with one who has successfully performed hundreds of procedures. They should have been in practice for 10 or more years. They should be willing to provide you with before and after pictures of their work. They should show you the results from different body types.

2.      How Safe Is It?

Brazilian butt lifts are safe and the risk of complications is minimal. Some of the most significant complications that you may have are anemia and pulmonary or fat embolism. Your plastic surgeon will let you know what to expect.

3.      Why Should I Get a BBL Instead of Implants?

The biggest benefit of getting a BBL over butt implants is that the doctor uses fat cells from your own body. The risk of complications is minimal. Your surgeon can perform liposuction at the same time to achieve more roundness. You do not need to worry about the risk of rejection.

4.      How Do You Perform It?

Your plastic surgeon should be able to give you an explanation of what the procedure entails. They should be willing to let you know what happens during the procedure. A BBL has three main parts: liposuction, processing of fat, and reinjection. Each part is critical to the success of your surgery.

5.      Where Will You Extract the Fat From?

In most cases, surgeons will extract fat from your abdomen, love handles, or lower back. They use it to give your butt the shape you desire.

6.      How Much Scarring Should I Expect?

Your surgeon should try to make scarring minimal. BBL procedures require small scars and the scars are barely visible. Find out what your surgeon can do to hide them. The end result depends on your body and how it heals.

7.      How Long Can the Results Last?

The fat that your doctor uses is through a graft. They take fat from one part of your body and use it on your butt. It does not go away so the procedure is long-lasting. 50% of the fat remains in that area and 50% of it will be reabsorbed into the body.

8.      Can I Resume Exercise After the Procedure?

Plastic surgeons will encourage you to continue exercising after a BBL. However, doing too much cardio may cause you to lose a lot of the transferred fat. Some of the best exercise options after your BBL include lunges and squats.

If you plan on getting a BBL, schedule a consultation, and use it to ask any questions that you may have. Having all the relevant information will increase your confidence in the procedure.

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