There are so many things in your household. You probably don’t know the names of all of them. That is why you might be surprised when you learn about the skirting board. It’s the part of your wall that covers the joint between the wall and the floor. It’s that simple.

What’s not simple is choosing the right one for your home. There are many styles you can choose from. It all comes down to the overall look of your home. They have to blend in. Also, there are types of materials you can choose from.

You have to choose what is best for your home. Before you make a final decision, talk to someone. Find an expert. Or you could try looking for information on the Internet. There might be something useful out there.

What type to choose?

Reading online, you might find some divided thoughts about skirting boards. The main question out there is whether to choose MDF or oak for your boards. Recently a lot of people are going for the primed MDF. It’s becoming quite popular, especially for refurbishment and new projects. 

The reason why many go for it is because it’s quite easy to install in your home. You just have to measure the height, depth, and length where you want to put it. This can get a bit confusing. So, be careful. You could even find some guides on how to do this properly.

What are your options when it comes down to board finish?

If you have decided to go for MDF, you should be aware that you have 3 options to choose from. You can get unprimed, primed, and fully finished. There are some differences that you should know before going to the store.

If you go for the unprimed, that means that you are willing to finish the job yourself. You will have to go out and get a primer first. Then, you will have to apply it on the skirting board carefully. The other options are better because you don’t have to do anything.

What is the best paint?

Everything You Should Know About Skirting Boards

If you want to do this the hard way, you will have to ask which paint to use. You can’t use just any. This depends on which type of board you chose. Also, what style do you aim to achieve? You can go for a high gloss or low sheen. 

It all comes down to your personal taste. To do this properly, you will have to start with a wood primer. Make sure everything is dry enough. You might have to apply two coats. This will take time, but it will all be worth it. 

How to remove the old skirt boards?

If you are doing a remodel, you might want to think about changing these things too. You will have to remove them before you place new ones. If you don’t know how to do this, you will have to call someone. However, you might be able to do it by yourself, if you check out this link:

After you have gathered the necessary tools, do an inspection. A lot of houses have cables hiding in the walls. So, if you go with an ax directly, you might damage them. Take the wires out carefully. You will need them if you want to have cable.

You will have to loosen the top of the skirting. You have to be gentle. If you don’t want to damage the wall, put a thin block of wood. It’ll take most of the pressure. After this is done, you can start removing the nails and pins.

How to seal oak?

The procedure is a bit different if you have chosen oak skirting. You will definitely need to buy a primer. If you want it to look more natural, choose varnish, lacquer or oil. They do a great job of protecting the wood.

You don’t need to worry about scuffs, moisture, or dirt. However, oil isn’t such a great protection for knocks. If you have small children, you might want to avoid this. Go for the other options. You won’t regret it. If you take good care of the boards, you won’t have to replace them often.