9 Home Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

9 Home Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Building or purchasing a home can be an exciting venture, allowing you to enjoy all the must-have features available to make it feel uniquely you. However, keeping your home and all the extras in pristine condition and flawlessly functioning is not easy. Regardless, you want to preserve your property’s overall well-being, avert costly repairs, and address small issues before they escalate into significant problems. Below are nine home maintenance mistakes to avoid. 

1. Avoiding regular dusting 

Dust settling in your home doesn’t only affect your interior aesthetically; it can also compound your allergies and asthma, which you must avoid. Therefore, give your furniture and trinkets a quick wipe down every week or even more often if you can. Aside from the surfaces, dust hides in all sorts of sneaky spots, and it piles up fast if you’re not careful. Stick your hand in the nooks and crannies, and don’t forget the spaces behind your big appliances. Also, change your furnace and AC filters regularly since they trap more dust than you’d think. This way, you’ll keep the air flowing smoothly throughout your place. 

2. Ignoring window drafts 

If your windows constantly allow in the chilly air, it could pose many problems. Those drafts mean your windows are slacking on the energy efficiency front, letting the outside air clash with the comfort of your indoor space. This can, in turn, increase your energy bills as you’re always trying to keep your home warm. However, you can solve this by getting a plain and simple window replacement, preferably energy-efficient windows. Also, double or triple-pane, argon gas-filled vinyl windows are like winter coats for your windows, as they’re foam-insulated and can work hand in hand with that energy-efficient glass to keep that chilly breeze outside. 

3. Skipping regular appliance maintenance 

Your fridge, air conditioner, fans, and all those household gadgets are not wear-proof, so giving them some regular TLC might save you a lot of money on repairs and expensive replacements. Those elements behind the scenes, like the exhaust fans and refrigerator coils, may also need attention. Skipping out on this could lead to a breakdown, and suddenly, you’re in the market for replacements. So, show your appliances some love, give them a regular checkup, replace faulty parts if necessary, and save yourself from unnecessary expenses. For instance, it’s best to go for a heat pump replacement if your HVAC is not providing sufficient cooling and warmth in your home instead of replacing the entire unit. 

4. Ignoring signs of water damage 

You want to prevent water damage at all costs, as disregarding this could negatively affect your home in the long run. Water damage brings along its corresponding issues, like mold, messed-up walls and floors, and a fat bill for repairs. So, be on the lookout for the signs early, including leaky pipes, faulty plumbing, or even a full-on flood. This way, you’re always on guard, saving your space from any unforeseen water invasion.

5. Not having a toolkit 

9 Home Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

Life happens, and things around the house need a little tune-up now and then. Therefore, it’s best to have a toolkit so you’re always prepared; it’s like your homeowner’s utility belt. Grab some essentials, such as different-sized hammers, nails, a set of screwdrivers, and a drill for those DIY projects. Toss in power glue, a tape measure, scissors, and maybe even some woodworking tools if you want to go all-out on the DIY route. You can piece your toolbox together on your own or take the easy route and snag a ready-made kit online. When the fix-it moment strikes, you’ll be happy to have that toolkit available. 

6. Choosing the wrong cleaning agents 

When it comes to cleaning, soap and water alone may not always do the trick. Stock up on the essentials such as rubber gloves for that grip, squeegees to conquer countertops, and microfiber cloths for that streak-free shine on glass surfaces. You may also grab a mix of acids to tackle hard water deposits and rust, abrasives for tough stains, soft and hard fabric detergents, sanitizers for that extra clean vibe, and mild alkalies like baking soda for sticky residues. Skipping any of these may make it challenging to keep your home spick and span.

7. Failure to winterize properly 

If you don’t wrap up your pipes properly, they might freeze and eventually get damaged. The same goes for those sprinkler system pipes. It would also help if you installed a storm door since your entryway is prone to hail and debris from the wind. Additionally, failing to insulate your attic can allow warmth to escape through the roof, leading to increased utility bills and increased discomfort indoors. Pay more attention to winterizing your home, and you’ll be glad you did. 

8. Overlooking the importance of exterior care 

Your home’s exterior is not one to ignore, as it can easily deteriorate if you don’t pay it some attention. The weather can eventually damage this area, especially if there’s poor caulking and no weatherproof paint. Therefore, it’s best to regularly give those drain pipes and siding a good once-over to avoid inviting rot and pests to your home. Also assess your AC unit outside before the rains or a storm rolls in. Fortify it if needed to enable it to survive even the roughest weather. For your walls, watch out for chips and cracks. Seal and give them a rainproof paint touch-up, or you might find yourself dealing with surprise water issues.

9. Procrastination 

9 Home Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

As a homeowner, it’s always best to be proactive. If you see something that needs fixing, don’t let it slide. For instance, you want to deal with a tiny leak before it turns into a flooded mess. The golden rule is to catch problems and kick them to the curb before they become high maintenance. It’s always best to tackle those tasks no matter how small, and your future self will thank you for a hassle-free home.

 There are several home maintenance blunders to avoid, but these nine stand out the most. If you pay close attention to issues and respond early, you will lessen the likelihood of needing to perform an expensive repair and give your wallet a breather. 

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