Excellent Reasons To Consider A San Diego Vacation

Excellent Reasons To Consider A San Diego Vacation

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San Diego is widely known as ‘America’s finest city.’ Whether you agree on this or not of course depends on how well-traveled you are, but there are certainly some excellent reasons as to why you might consider San Diego when you’re next planning a vacation.

#1: It’s always sunny in San Diego

Well, it’s not always sunny – sorry for the exaggeration – but rainy days are very rare. You are unlikely to be hit by snow either, as the last snowfall was in 1967! Chances are, whenever you travel to the city, you will find sunny weather along with the sunny disposition of the locals. And thankfully, the temperatures aren’t crushingly hot, even in the midst of Summer. So even though you might still need your water bottle when you’re relaxing on San Diego’s fabulous beaches, you won’t need to run to shelter every few minutes in need of an emergency cool down!

#2: There will be a beach for you

Being a coastal city, you can expect a fair few beaches to choose from during your stay. And you are bound to find a beach that is perfect for you too. Also, if you are a fan of ocean cruises and love marine life, you can go for whale watching San Diego adventure just a few minutes from Newport Beach. Black Beach is the perfect place for surfers, and even has a few secluded areas if you want to enjoy the sun and sand in the nude! Pacific Beach is very popular with young people, and this is partly because of the trendy hotel bars and the excellent nightlife on offer. And then there’s Mission Beach which has something for everyone, with laid back bars and eateries, plenty of family-friendly activities, and lots of space for romantic walks, sunbathing, and wildlife watching. These Mission Beach rental homes are a must if you want to get the most of what Mission Beach can offer you. So, if you’re a beach lover, you have miles of coastline to choose from when you visit this fabulous city.

#3: Foodies are spoiled for choice

Food lovers rejoice! Being close to Mexico, many of the restaurants in the city serve up a wonderful Mexican cuisine. There are traditional American offerings too, and for those with more eclectic tastes, you can also choose from French, Japanese, and Korean foods, as just as few examples. So, whether you want something as old-fashioned as an American steak or a burger and fries, or want to delve into the worlds of sushi, Mexican chillis, or something else besides, you are bound to find a place to suit your particular taste palate. Take a look at some of the best restaurants in the city, and start planning your itinerary around your bellies now!

#4: The views are amazing

Excellent Reasons To Consider A San Diego Vacation

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San Diego is a beautiful city to explore, with a wide variety of nature reserves, cultured neighborhoods, and historical settlements to discover during your stay. But however eye-catching the sights are around the city, you will be bowled over by the views. When you’re exploring the beaches of San Diego, you will get some gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, and when you venture on a hike or a skyscraper climb to get to the peaks of the city, you have mountain landscapes to devour, forested lands to gaze upon, and acres of wilderness to enjoy. So, if you’re after pictures for your Instagram page, or if you simply want to get a glimpse of the city’s natural beauty, explore these viewpoints during your stay in San Diego.

#5: Your days will be packed with things to do

Going beyond sunbathing, surfing, and eating your way through the city, there is a lot more you can do during your stay in San Diego. If you’re a wildlife lover, you will want to visit San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and San Diego Wildlife Park. If you’re an art lover, there are loads of independent galleries to explore, as well as the famous San Diego Museum of Art and the San Diego Art Institute. You could take the Old Town Trolley Tour, which is a hop-on and hop-off bus tour that will take you to more 100 places of cultural and historical significance. And there are drive-in movie theatres, maritime museums, national parks, and as you can see here, much more besides. You will never be bored in San Diego, so if you can drag yourself away from the city’s incredible beaches for a day or two, you will have more to do on your vacation.

#6: You can shop till you drop

As with many major cities, you can expect to max out your credit card if you’re after some retail therapy. There are a large number of shopping malls in San Diego, as well as outdoor markets, antique districts, and trendy urban boutiques. Fashion Valley is where you need to be if you’re craving the latest from international brands such as Armani and Fendi. Westfield UTC contains many of the stores that you can expect from a big city, such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. Seaport Village is a great place to shop if you’re after handcrafted items and an affordable range of stores to spend your money. And then there’s the Gaslamp Quarter, a unique part of the city that is a lively downtown area with Victorian shopping themes. Check out this extensive list of shopping outlets for more information on the parts of the city worth spending your money in.

#7: The nightlife is incredible

There is a bustling nightlife scene in San Diego, with everything you could ever want. Whether you want to try your hand at karaoke, soak in some live music, chill out at a comedy club, bump into a famous DJ, take in a drag show, or something else besides, you will have much to do if you just can’t face going to bed in whatever accommodation venue you have chosen. There are loads of bars too if you just want to drink and hang out with your friends. This nightlife guide showcases just a few of the city’s highlights.

Is San Diego the finest city in America? Maybe, and you can find out yourself if you choose to take your next vacation here. Just don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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