How To Organize a Vacation to Remember with Friends and Family

How To Organize a Vacation to Remember with Friends and Family

There can be few things in life more exciting than going on vacation en masse with friends and family together, especially if you have children of all the same sort of age. However, it is important that before you jump at the chance to do this, you take a moment to understand and work out what is going to be involved with setting these wheels in motion.

#1 Pick the destination carefully

You will have to pick your destination very carefully, ensuring that there is something for everyone at the location you book. Doing research into what everyone wants to get out of their vacation and what they would call their perfect destination will open your eyes to what a mammoth task it is that you have in front of you. However, it is far better that you do this research now rather than book blindly and have to spend a week or so with party member grumbling that it is not their ‘idea’ of a break or that they would rather have gone somewhere different.

#2 Ensure everyone is catered for

Of course, you are going to have to make sure that everyone is well catered for. Those who like sandy beaches should have them a commutable distance from where you are staying, and likewise, those who like the thrills of amusement parks or woodland walks are of a different personality type and should have their needs catered to as well. It is important to realize that even though you are all going on vacation together, you may not want to spend every hour of every day in each other’s company. 

#3 Choose accommodation with a difference

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the accommodation, you can really make a statement. Choosing something that has yet to be experienced by the group as either a whole or individually can make a vacation something to be remembered. For instance, booking The Luxury Yurt for the adults to stay in and The Mini Bell for the kids could ensure that all have a taste of something that they might not have previously thought of before and will certainly keep your vacation in their minds for all the right reasons. 

#4 Draw up a cooking rota

Regardless of where you stay, you are going to want to draw up a cooking rota; otherwise, you may well find that one person gets lumbered with the cooking every night you are away. Sharing the cooking chores will help you all to bond, and it means that everyone will get a chance to showcase their favorite dishes (and their cooking capabilities). It will also give everyone the chance to have at least one night off of the stove. Of course, for those who are reluctant to cook, there is always the option for paying for takeout or even a meal out – when you’re on vacation, even a bag of fish and chips on the beach watching the sun sink beneath the horizon can be the highlight of a day well spent in the fresh air.

#5 Organize plenty of evening entertainment

With this in mind, you are going to want to organize some evening entertainment that everyone can enjoy. This no doubt will be the time when all the families and friends join up together and discuss the adventures that they have had; grouping around the campfire or the barbeque will enhance the mood no end. However, there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to organize ball games with the kids or pack some oversized outdoor games such as Connect4 or Jenga to hold tournaments with, splitting the group into teams to battle it out.

A few final thoughts

It is a mighty task to set yourself, but your friends and family will thoroughly love their group vacation. Although you might feel that the location will have to be pretty basic to fit in with everyone’s likes and dislikes, you can still do things to make a lasting good impression. Especially if you decide to rent a Yurt for accommodation to add a touch of luxury for the adults and The Mini Bell for the kids so they can enjoy the fun experience – bringing together the luxuries of modern comfort while still being close to and experiencing nature will make the warm days seem longer.

Having time out and about and coming together at the end of the day will ensure that everyone gets room to be themselves. Setting the evening aside for bonding and telling tales about the day’s adventure over a shared supper and watching the kids run off their energy or play a tournament of oversized outdoor games.

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